10 Pro Tips And Tricks For Playing Honkai: Star Rail

Once you have played Honkai: Star Rail for many hours, you need to know these tips.

Even if you’ve played turn-based combat games before, Honkai: Star Rail offers a unique experience and game features that you wouldn’t have found unless you spent hours exploring the world beyond the Astral Express. Since the buttons are so small, you might not even know how great it is to fight twice as fast.

If this is your first turn-based action RPG, there are a few things you should remember to help your team do better. Here are some tricks that will make the game more fun, including ways to fight and explore that you shouldn’t miss.

Farming Excessively For Relics Below Trailblaze Level 40 Isn’t Necessary

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Relics do make your characters better, but they aren’t exactly what you need to focus on before you reach Trailblaze Level 40. The last thing you want to do in Honkai: Star Rail is use up all your stock Fuel to farm three- to four-star treasures that will be thrown away much later.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t farm for them later, but you should only do so after you’ve unlocked 5-star treasures. At lower stages of Trailblaze, you should focus on leveling up the characters you like to use.

Path Resonance Is Key In The Simulated Universe

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In the Simulated Universe (or the Metaverse, as Herta calls it), you can choose certain Paths, but you won’t get Resonance Formation until you’ve picked blessings from the same Path six times. So you might be tempted to take a random gold blessing from another Path, but if you haven’t hit Resonance Formation yet, you should think twice about doing that.

Depending on the Path and Resonance Formation you’ve chosen, choosing blessings regularly will help you do more damage or give you advantages in battle. If you know this, it will be easier for you to play this weird VR game.

You Don’t Need A Lot Of Damage Dealers

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People often make the mistake of thinking that every turn has to do damage. Each member of your team has a different job to do. It can be to break shields, help the team, harm enemies, or just do the most damage possible. You might need different ways to fight, since different enemies’ shields often need different things to be broken.

So, you should make different kinds of heroes so you can fight enemies in the best way possible. If you don’t know which four-star characters to build or how your new five-star character works, you’re still in the early stages of Honkai: Star Rail, so play around to figure it out.

Attack Warp Trotters

honkai-star-rail-warp-trotter-locations-640x360.jpg (740×370)

They might be cute and weak animals, and they definitely run away like boars from Genshin Impact without getting hurt. But you should definitely go after these Warp Trotters because if you kill them, they’ll give you stellar jade as a prize.

You might feel bad about killing these cute anomalies, but you’ll be glad you did later, especially if you need stellar jade for your gacha pulls and are running low. Even though they look weak, they are strong creatures that might be able to get away from you if you don’t kill them quickly enough.

Some Characters Are Better At Breaking Shields Than Others

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You saw the symbols on top of the enemy’s head, so you chose to use your character’s skill, which is a perfect match for the type of combat element. But some characters’ skills or bursts hit harder than others, and knowing which characters do the trick will save you turns and make it so much easier to cause a break effect.

This is why it’s important to play around with who you have and who you can pull early on. But why play around when we have a full guide?

Speed Is Essential

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When you first heard about SPD in Honkai: Star Rail, you might have wondered, “Does this make my party attack enemies faster?” Somewhat, but not the way you think. Speed determines who on your team attacks first, which can make or break your fight against the opponents in front of you.

How you play your turns depends on how many times your character gets to act. This is important when you’re trying to break shields and have a character that can do that job.

A Secret Society

screenshot-2002.jpg (740×370)

Honkai: Star Rail‘s dialogue is always great, and random interactions with items can lead to the strangest stories. There is a phone box somewhere on the edge of Belobog that you can use. If you go into this strange phone booth, you’ll hear a talk between a member of a secret society and another person.

How do you join this mysterious group? It seems to have been through an accident call and a sad story. All you have to do is go into this phone booth and let your interest get the best of you.

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Pleasant-Looking Trash

screenshot-2006.jpg (740×370)

Since Honkai: Star Rail came out, jokes and memes have been made about the Trailblazer’s relationship with Belobog’s trash cans. But you might not know that not every piece of trash is the same. Most of the trash you find in dumpsters is simple trash that can lower your team’s HP by one point.

But if you dig long enough and hard enough, you’ll find trash that looks nice. This rare item lets you get back four technique points, which can be useful right before a fight.

Relive Your Narnia Fantasies

screenshot-2007.jpg (740×370)

Have you ever imagined going through a closet into a magical other world? When Narnia came out, that was probably everyone, and Honkai: Star Rail lets you do that if you stay at the Grand Goethe Hotel. Will there be lions and a lot of snow? You will find something better than all of that.

You’ll understand how strong Caelus and Stelle are if they can dispel a legend that most people in the hotel are afraid of. Either that, or they’re way smarter than you are. This interaction shows that you should interact with your surroundings as much as possible, even if the street lamps in Wordle Unlimited make fun of you for it.

Magical Toilet

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Most games don’t have toilets, and when they do, they’re usually not as interesting as this one. At Herta Space Station, you can find a single toilet in a place that doesn’t look like much. Since it’s not a bathroom, you’ll probably be interested to see a toilet in a dark area.

If you sit on it, you’ll actually feel something you’ve never felt on a toilet before. We’re not going to tell you what this is, so you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. You can thank us when you want.

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