12 Things you must know before moving to Dubai

Global attention is drawn to Dubai due to its amazing lifestyle. Because this global village has a no-tax policy in place, American and British businesspeople typically view it as a desert refuge.

Dubai is seen as a beautiful place to start a career and improve one’s life because it offers a wealth of profitable job options and business chances. Even though you may already know a lot about the UAE, there are 12 facts that most people need to learn about before moving to Dubai. 

Ready to learn some facts about Dubai and the United Arab Emirates? Start with:

  1. A comprehension of the seven Emirates is essential.

When most people talk about the United Arab Emirates, they usually mention Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Although these are the two most well-known emirates, you need to be aware of seven more before moving to the United Arab Emirates. However, we’d like to start with these two well-known ones.

  1. Dubai 

You need to learn some fundamental information and facts about this emirate, even though the Dubai lifestyle is already widely discussed online and is ready to eat. Dubai, which has a GDP of about £87 billion, is the commercial center of the UAE. You should probably plan to live in Dubai as part of your move if you want to take advantage of some lucrative business prospects. 

  1. Abu Dhabi

The UAE capital has a GDP estimated to be worth £184 billion in 2022. The UAE’s largest economy is located in this city. This emirate will undoubtedly assist you in reaching your objective, whether you wish to start a business or come here to find well-paying employment.

  1. Ajman

In Ajman, you may observe the UAE’s agricultural side. 

  1. Fujairah

 You should go to Fujairah if you want to delve deeply into the history that permeates the mind-blowing country and mountains. Remember to explore the stunning Al Badiya Mosque, which was constructed more than 650 years ago.

  1. The Ras Al Khaimah

This emirate has the world’s longest zipline, so you should visit here whenever the urge to windsurf and dive strikes. Sunbathing on the beachfront will make you feel completely relaxed. 

  1. Sharjah

You may have been aware of Sharjah, another well-known emirate, although Sharjah’s Islamic law is stricter than that of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is forbidden to consume alcohol in public. Unless you are married to someone of the other gender, you cannot socialize with them. You can enjoy a variety of natural components in this emirate, from stunning birds to attractive vegetation locations, assuming these laws don’t disturb you too much.

  1. Umm Al Quwain

You’re searching for some fun family destinations if you and your family are moving to Dubai from the UK. Fortunately, you can find a lot of them around the United Arab Emirates; nevertheless, Umm Al Quwain is home to one spot that you must visit. There are thirty rides, slides, and other entertainment options at this Dreamland Aqua Park. It is a popular tourist spot in the United Arab Emirates and operates all year round.

  1. How much does one need to live in Dubai? Let’s ascertain

Compared to the UK and the USA, Dubai has a reduced cost of living, but it is still not inexpensive to live there. Your monthly income should be between 10,000 and 20,000 AED if you wish to enjoy a pleasant life in Dubai. If you are just getting started in your career in Dubai and are ready to go through the ups and downs of life, then you should be making at least 5,000 AED. 

Be ready to pay £5 to £10 if we talk about day-to-day expenses like coffee or beer. You are accustomed to these living expenditures when you move to Dubai from the UK or the USA; therefore, they don’t really concern you. Asians who move to Dubai, however, find that the cost of living there is far higher than in their own country. 

  1. Be ready to accept some unexpected law changes in Dubai. 

If you’re moving to Dubai from the UK, USA, Canada, or Australia, you should know that it will require a significant cultural adjustment before you make up your mind about living there. You really can’t afford to break specific laws. One such strategy is the “zero tolerance” approach to drug use.

  • The UAE has a 21-year-old drinking age.
  • It is not permitted to consume alcohol on the street.
  • You get Friday and Saturday off, and Sunday is your first workday in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Deportation, as well as a five-figure fine, is possible if you snap photos of traffic accidents.

You can be imprisoned if you:

  • Take photos of someone without getting their consent, 
  • Bring food that has poppy seeds.
  • Gossip
  • Raise money without a permit 

In the UAE, sex outside of marriage is banned. Wedlock is preferable to moving to the United Arab Emirates. Be ready to serve one year in prison if you engage in sex without a marriage and are discovered. 

  1. Being a woman in Dubai is not the same as 

We won’t sugarcoat the truth that there are differences between living as a woman and a man in Dubai. Foreign women do not need to wear hijabs, but they do need to cover their necks, shoulders, and knees when strolling in public, at the workplace, and on the streets. However, this clothing limitation won’t apply if you’re having fun on the beach in Dubai.

You need to sit in the front area, which is reserved for female passengers if you are traveling by bus. Additionally, when traveling, try to avoid making direct eye contact with men.

You won’t prevail against a man if you file a rape or domestic abuse case, which is the most crucial thing to know about living in Dubai as a woman. You’d better keep an eye on things and be cautious because these cases frequently lead to denials and imprisonments.

In Dubai, abortion is prohibited, and those who choose to obtain one elsewhere risk a year in prison. Only in cases where your life is in danger can you abort a kid.

You can move around Dubai as a woman while driving, drinking, and driving. It is safe for you to explore the luxurious lifestyle of Dubai by meandering around.

  1. What Do You Need to Know About the Workplace in the UAE?

Explore the most significant employment and business options in Dubai and Abu Dhabi when you are moving to Dubai for work. Most occupations in Dubai are held by men, despite the fact that international women can find decent possibilities here (almost 91 percent in 2021). Enjoying tax-free income and pay is one of the benefits of living in Dubai.

In the following industries, you can find work:

  • Oil
  • Governmental Organisations
  • Construction
  • Accounting and Finance for Tourism
  • IT 
  • Hospitality

Dubai workers’ employers will provide the following benefits:

  • Bonuses
  • Child’s contribution and discount on fees
  • Health insurance
  • Complimentary return ticket
  • Accommodation Allowance

It is illegal for an employee even to consider forming a union or starting a strike, which could result in deportation. Thus, exercise caution!

  1. What Do I Need to Know About Living in Dubai with a Family?

If you are from a Western country and move to Dubai, you expect a lot of cultural shock and curricular adjustments. In actuality, though, the reverse is true. In terms of culture, your family will become accustomed to the Islamic principles of the countries and will hear prayers five times a day. 

You are in luck because you can find 88 foreign schools, so let’s talk about education. There are schools in America, Britain, and India. Once they leave their hometown, your kids can start. In the UAE, people celebrate Easter, New Year’s, and Christmas with pride. Your family will notice Western customs because shopping centers and restaurants are well-decorated like in Western countries. 

The community bonds that your family needs as well. If that’s the case, you are welcome to join the communities of the United Kingdom and other nations. You can quickly find foreigners with whom you can connect because there are hundreds of them living in the UAE with their families.

Dubai’s Family-Friendly Entertainment

You want to know if the city you’re moving to from the UK or another country has fun activities for your kids and other family members. Suppose you have it in mind. There’s no need to worry about finding a fun spot for your family to eat because Dubai has tons of them.

The most popular sports in Dubai are:

  • Races for Camel
  • Formula One Football Race
  • Football Horse competition
  • Automobile race
  • Basketball 
  • Cricket

Explore the following areas when it comes to spending quality time with kids:

  • Dubai Ski
  • Dubai Underwater Zoo & Aquarium
  • Dubai Miracle Garden
  • OliOli-A Must-See Children’s Play Museum 
  • The Burj Khalifa
  • Aquaventure Water Park
  • The Wild Wadi Waterpark
  • World Village
  • Legoland Dubai

If you enjoy watching films with your family, you can do so with ease while you’re living in Dubai because all the newest blockbusters are showing in theatres there. 

  1. Is it too hot to live in Dubai?

The first thing you’ll notice about moving to Dubai from a Western country is the food. Expect temperatures of 45°C during the summer and 35°C during the winter. But it would help if you also ate to prepare for the oppressive 49°C heat. In Dubai, the summers can be harsh; nevertheless, many places have air conditioning, from bus stations to retail centers, making the heat bearable. 

It’s fun at the beach since the weather is warm all year round. On the beach, where water activities will provide everyone great joy, you may have fun with your companion and eat. 

  1. Dubai’s food and cuisines: from regional specialties to global flavors 

When moving to the UAE, it’s common to consider cuisine, but you’ll be amazed to explore the variety once you are here. You may find tons of cuisines there, including Mexican, Italian, French, Lebanese, Chinese, English, Spanish, Indian, Pakistani, and many more. It is an international business hub. Anything from spicy steaks to crunchy seafood is served here. 

You must eat at Arabic and Middle Eastern restaurants even if there are multiple of other foreign food options. You should taste their well-known dishes, which include falafel, hummus, curries, and authentic shawarma. The aroma, flavor, and atmosphere of those locations are simply irreplaceable. Their national fruit, dates, is a common item you will find both within the hotel and on the streets. 

If you’re wondering if pork is sold in stores or not, well, the answer is that you can find it in bacon at supermarkets, even though it is considered haram in Islam. But regardless of religion, everyone can get food and amenities in our country.

  1. Is Dubai a secure place to live? Find out now.

If you are moving to Dubai with family, you should research the safety characteristics of the UAE as well. This is a safe place to live, is the answer.

As per the 2023 Safety Index by Numbeo, the United Arab Emirates ranks second out of 163 countries. In the list of the ten safest cities in the world, Abu Dhabi came in first, followed by Dubai in fifth place and Ajman in second place.

According to Knoema’s crime data, there were 0.5 homicide cases per 100,000 people.

  1. Before moving to Dubai, do you need to study Arabic?

You should become familiar with a few common Arabic words, which is the answer to this excellent question. They’ll make it easier for you to get along with your colleagues and locals. In the UAE, English is extensively spoken.

You can always find expats to talk to in Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s workplace. In addition, it’s a good idea to join some international or expat forums where you may speak to people who share your interests in your native tongue and get suggestions, guidance, and ideas.

  1. What do you need to know about healthcare in Dubai?

If you work as an employee, your company pays a portion of your health insurance premiums. However, obtaining group insurance for all of your employees is a brilliant idea if you are a foreign business owner operating there. By law, foreign nationals need to have private insurance. You still have access to the government healthcare system if you don’t have insurance. 

The public healthcare system provides high-quality care, but you may have to wait for hours, so you’ll need to maintain your patience. Bear in mind that overpopulation is a problem in many public hospitals. To utilize this system, you also need a health card, which the Ministry of Health provides.

  1. Keep in mind that you are always living in an Islamic country.

You need to constantly keep in mind that Islam is the official religion of the United Arab Emirates when you are living there. This religion establishes Shariah Law, which is the basis of work for the UAE legal system. In this country, consider the likelihood of something that is forbidden in Islam. For instance, Dubai is unsuitable for the LGBTQ community to settle. You may be deported if you are a Muslim, and you drink alcohol. 

When it comes to drinking, relationships, and clothes, your colleagues and friends will expect you to respect Islamic culture. Don’t let your Muslim friend know that you plan to go drinking on Friday because it is a holy day! 

The holy month of Ramadan has an impact on all employees in Dubai, regardless of the company or department they work for. Throughout this sacred month, you must exercise extreme caution. Everyone is banned from engaging in these activities in public. Therefore, you cannot drink, smoke, or eat. 

However, it would help if you did not eat in front of your colleagues while at work. Pick a different room for your lunch or breakfast because you need to respect their fast. You will also feel the festive mood of Muslims during this holy month as they extend invitations to non-Muslims to celebrate Eid and break their extended day fast. On that evening, you may expect a delectable menu. 

Is it wise to move to the United Arab Emirates?

You may enjoy a multicultural lifestyle in Dubai together with tax-free income, so if you’re considering moving to the UAE and wondering if it’s a good idea or not, this is an excellent plan. Prospr outlined the benefits and drawbacks of residing in Dubai, where Islamic culture imposes some restrictions, and the law is strict. However, you may still enjoy a vibrant work environment with plenty of career and business chances. It’s now up to you to determine if making the move to the UAE is a good choice for you.

Still have any inquiries. Please do not hesitate to inquire. We are glad to assist!

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