6 Solo Co-Op Games With Great Partner AI

When done right, having a smart AI companion in a game can be very satisfying.

Solo co-op gaming has become a unique trend in the world of gaming, which is always changing. It gives players the chance to play together, which is usually only possible in online games, even though it is a single-player game.

Many game makers have been able to make sophisticated systems and game mechanics with the help of artificial intelligence. These have led to well-controlled extra characters and followers. When these supporting characters are around, players can talk to them and even plan with their convincing AI partners. This creative way of doing things has some good benefits for players who prefer to play alone or who can’t join any big multiplayer sessions right now. Since AI technology changes quickly and often, it’s safe to say that solo co-op games will only keep getting better. Still, it has already given players some great games to play.

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