3 Top-Rated Tools To Add Google Reviews To Squarespace Website

How To Add Google Reviews To Squarespace Website?

In this digital era, customer reviews have recently created a strong domain for themselves. For marketers and businesses, adding reliable customer reviews will also work as a strategic move. Google is one of the most trusted review platforms among customers when it comes to providing social proof and credibility to businesses. Google reviews are highly impactful and influential when it comes to providing a boost to website performance. 

Squarespace is one of the best website-building platforms and is highly considered by web developers. This is the reason why marketers and businesses must consider adding a Google reviews widget Squarespace website. Here is the curated list of impressive tools so you can’t invest your time much in gathering information about social media aggregator tools to add Google reviews to Squarespace website. Read this blog to learn more about the tools that are listed below. 

Impressive Tools To Add Google Reviews On Squarespace Website: 

The below-listed are some of the best handpicked impressive social media aggregator tools that will boost the user experience once added to the website. To add Google reviews on their Squarespace website, users can rely on these super-effective social media aggregator tools. 

1. Tagembed Review Widget 

Tagembed is the first social media aggregator tool on our list because it is one of the most reliable tools. With more than 20 social media platforms, this review aggregator tool is prominent. From their selected social media platforms like Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Tagembed allows its users to embed, gather, and curate content. However, Tagembed gives a dedicated Google review widget that can be easily customized to the requirements of users. 

Tagembed provides additional features to its users so that they can modify the look and feel of the by changing the layout, font, themes, etc. to catch the eyes of the visitors of the website. As a user, you don’t require any technical or coding knowledge to add a review widget on your website because Tagembed is a coding-free tool. To remove the Google reviews, users can also use the moderation panel that does not go with their marketing strategies. 

2. EmbedSocial 

EmbedSocial is the next social media aggregator tool in our curated list. Embed Social is considered a one-stop destination for all types of solutions from social media content aggregators to UGC. With different social media platforms, this tool is very compatible and supportive. In just a few clicks, the tool permits users to collect their preferred content and add it to their Squarespace website easily. 

To manage the traffic of the websites, a user can adjust the height and width of the Google review widget of the Squarespace website to make it attractive. Once the widget is live on the website, Embed Social enables users to track and monitor its performance. 

3. Curator 

On our list, the Curator is the next prominent social media aggregator tool which is easy and simple to handle. For a rapid embedding process, the Curator permits the users to insert and search for specific keywords. For designing and styling templates, Curator provides a lot of various options to the users. To improve the look and feel of the widget, Curator offers modern age and new optimal features. 

The Curator’s widget is user and screen-friendly. This tool offers access to various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. to its users. With many leading websites designing platforms that include Squarespace, this social media aggregator tool is extremely compatible. 

Advantages Of Google Reviews For Your Website: 

Before making any online product or service, more than 85% of customers look for online Google reviews. Do you know that? In this statistic, the share of Google is big due to its large user base. As a business or brand, you must be aware of the advantages of adding Google reviews on Squarespace website. Here are some of the advantages that are listed below. 

1. Google Reviews Improve SEO Rankings 

The SEO rankings of your website will be improved when you add Google reviews to your Squarespace website. In improved online website visibility, better search rankings will eventually be reflected. On the internet, higher rankings indicate a positive website image. 

2. Google Reviews Adds Social Proof And Credibility

Customers are always looking for social proof when they tend to buy a product or service from a business. Google reviews widget is the perfect solution for this. When you display Google reviews on your website then it will provide credibility and social proof to your customers and it will make your business stand ahead of your competitors. From online customers, a trustworthy and credible website will get more attention on the internet. 

3. Google Reviews Will Get More Click-Through Rate 

You must be aware of the significance of the click-through rates if you are a business or brand owner. Your all marketing gimmicks and efforts will be useless if you are not getting more click-through rates. However, Google reviews will be here to help you out with this issue. When you display Google reviews on your Squarespace website, your customers or visitors will be clicking more on your products or services after reading those reviews. 

Final Note 

These aforementioned social media aggregator tools are the best when it comes to adding Google reviews on your Squarespace website. These tools are also equipped with several other additional features that you can use to enhance the look and feel of your website. There are some added advantages you will also get when you add a Google reviews widget to your website. Try these tools and watch your revenue skyrocket. 

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