All 10 Overdrive Abilities In Exoprimal, Ranked

These are the most important Overdrive skills in Exoprimal. They show off an Exosuit’s power to its fullest.

In Capcom’s Exoprimal, there are a lot of different Exosuits to choose from. Each one has its own unique skills that let players stay true to their own gaming and strategic play styles. With three different classes—Assault, Tank, and Support—the dinosaur survival game from the creators of the Street Fighter series has something for everyone.

Each Exosuit has a number of skills and abilities that give the person wearing it an advantage over the dinosaurs and other players on the other team who are also trying to win the war games. The Overdrive Ability is the most common of these in Exoprimal. It is the most powerful way to use an Exosuit’s skills and a great way to show off its style. Each suit has its own pros and cons, but which Overdrive Ability does the best job for its user?

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