Bangkok aquarium store hires bikini-clad girls in fish tanks for grand opening

TW/DISCLAIMER: Mashable Southeast Asia does now not condone the usage of sexual objectification for promotional or promoting achieve, nor the usage of animals as mere ‘equipment’ or ‘items of artwork’ in any surroundings in any way.

In terms of grand openings, companies of a wide variety will cross to nice lengths to garner as a lot consideration as they are able to. Some throw large events, whilst others cling engaging giveaways to inspire attainable consumers to spend their cash there one day.

However in fact, each and every trade strives to be as distinctive as conceivable, in hopes of having the eye of people that won’t essentially be their goal demographic – resulting in larger gross sales.

An aquarium store in Bangkok, Thailand has achieved simply that with the usage of bikini fashions taking a dip of their fish tanks, along side are living unique fish.

Extra than simply unique fish.

In a Fb video posted by means of aquarium store proprietor Ratchatapan Chiaochan, two bikini-clad girls may also be noticed wading in ‘their very own’ fish tanks as unique fish swim round them. Or fairly, clear of them.

‘With ease’, most effective their palms and heads are above the skin of the water, with the rest of their our bodies on complete show underwater for gawking guests, illuminated by means of fluorescent lights, in fact. At this level, we aren’t even positive in the event that they care concerning the fish anymore, and even understand them in any respect:

Bangkok aquarium store hires bikini-clad girls in fish tanks for grand opening
Screenshot: Ratchatapan Chiaochan / Fb

The video slowly pans from one girl to any other, each in the similar poses of their respective tanks.

In step with Thai media outlet Thairath, the little stunt used to be made to advertise the grand opening of the ArowanaMall aquarium store, situated within the Chatuchak district of Bangkok.

It is not transparent whether or not Chiaochan, who (in line with his Fb profile) runs the ‘Large Fish Store’ in U Thong district, is related to ArowanaMall, or whether or not he used to be simply paying the store a consult with for this ‘tournament’.

For the extra smart amongst you, you’ll be able to know that this type of promotion/promoting has many pink flags.

Listed here are two:

1. It sexually objectifies girls and wrongly-validates the male gaze.

The bikini fashions are lowered to ‘unique fish’ of their very own sort, with their placement within the fish tank. It is an old-fashioned, misogynistic observe, and they are able to undoubtedly do higher. Plus, the perception that “intercourse sells” is not that related anymore, with research appearing that it does not in truth result in gross sales.

“Whilst sexual imagery in promoting nonetheless grabs consideration, it’s been proven that it does now not essentially result in gross sales. And crowd pleasing for crowd pleasing sake will now not wash with audiences, who’re extra canny and alert than ever to overt, pressured, and inauthentic behaviors and ways in promoting,” Sara Beech, strategist at Frontier Technique, instructed WWD.

2. Science has confirmed that fish are greater than able to feeling feelings, together with rigidity.

Having a complete human being of their fish tank – one thing that is intended to be a literal protected area – may really well represent as animal abuse. In step with PETA, fish really feel feelings the similar approach that typical pets (like cats and canines) do.

They are additionally extremely clever creatures, with an Oxford College learn about appearing they are able to acknowledge human faces and distinguish between other ones. The usage of them as ‘gorgeous equipment’ in a pitcher tank seriously limits their motion, including to their rigidity ranges.

What do you’re making of this promoting tactic?

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Duvet symbol sourced from Ratchatapan Chiaochan / Fb.