Did PETA Try To Rename Fish ‘Sea Kittens’?

Individuals for the Ethical Cure of Animals (PETA) renamed fish “sea kittens.”

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Men and women for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), is identified for its bold recognition efforts, and rebranding fish as “sea kittens” again in 2009 was 1 these kinds of marketing campaign. The many years-aged marketing campaign came to our focus when a Snopes reader asked us if PETA had in truth the moment tried to rename fish.

PETA did have out a marketing campaign that rebranded fish in buy to deliver attention to their capacity to feel agony and converse, and this initiative transpired in 2009. 

Again then, Ashley Byrne, a PETA marketing campaign coordinator advised NPR, “PETA assumed that by renaming fish sea kittens, compassionate men and women who would under no circumstances aspiration of hurting a pet dog or a cat could possibly prolong that sympathy to fish, or sea kittens […] Fish not only have the very same potential to experience ache as a puppy or a cat, but they also talk with 1 a further. They have complicated social interactions they sort bonds they express passion by gently rubbing towards one an additional.”

PETA made a site aimed at youngsters and dad and mom involving tales with “sea kittens.” Now the web-site appears to only have desktop banners out there to down load, and back links again to PETA’s official web-site. The website states “Sea Kitten Facts”:

Sea kittens communicate to just about every other by means of squeaks, squeals, and other reduced-frequency seems that humans can only hear by way of exclusive devices. Most ichthyologists—scientists who focus in sea kitten biology—agree that this is just about the cutest detail at any time.

Did PETA Try To Rename Fish ‘Sea Kittens’?

“Most mother and father would never dream of paying a weekend torturing kittens for fun with their households, but hooking a sea kitten as a result of the mouth and dragging her by means of the h2o is the very same as hooking a kitten by the mouth and dragging her at the rear of your motor vehicle,” Byrne reported. 

This was an early example of PETA’s rebranding makes an attempt. More a short while ago they called on the MLB to rename bullpens as “arm barns,” and released a faux garments retailer that “displayed” clothing made from human skin. 


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