Digital Marketing Services Are for Nonprofits, Too

Every now and again, my business affords me the opportunity to work with nonprofits. And while I am not a digital marketer per se, the services I offer can lead to digital marketing discussions. I am often surprised by nonprofit directors who shy away from digital marketing services, believing such services are not right for their organizations.

Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Digital marketing services absolutely are appropriate for the nonprofit sector. One could make the case that nonprofits need effective marketing even more than for-profit businesses. After all, nonprofits are not selling goods and services.

A Misunderstanding of Marketing

Nonprofits not selling things might actually be the reason behind so many organizations not taking advantage of digital marketing services. In other words, there is a misunderstanding that marketing equals sales. But it does not. Marketing and sales are two different things.

Marketing is all about getting your message in front of the appropriate audience. It doesn’t matter what that message is. For a retailer, the message is oriented towards sales. It is a different message for the nonprofit. Regardless, marketing achieves the same goal for both the retail business and nonprofit organization.

Sales extend beyond marketing. Effective marketing gets a customer in the door while effective conversion turns that customer into a buyer. Here is the thing: conversion also applies to nonprofits. It is just a different kind of conversion. Nonprofits are not trying to sell goods and services, but they are trying to solicit some sort of reaction from the people they interact with.

What Digital Marketing Can Do for Nonprofits

We can further drive home the point by discussing some specific things digital marketing can accomplish in the nonprofit sector. Consider the following:

1. Expanding the Organization’s Audience

Nonprofits rely on a fairly wide audience. They need to operate within the reality that response rates tend to be fairly low. Therefore, organizations need the widest possible reach in order to get their responses to an acceptable level. If nothing else, digital marketing opens the door to expanding a nonprofit’s reach.

2. Targeting Specific Demographics

Expanding an organization’s audience is of very little value if the lion’s share of that audience is unlikely to respond. Therefore, digital marketers make a point of targeting specific demographics. They want to develop a qualified audience rather than just a bigger one.

What is a qualified audience? Salt Lake City’s Webtek Digital Marketing describes it as an audience made up of people who are highly likely to respond positively. These are the people Webtek wants to target when they market on behalf of a nonprofit.

3. Making Better Use of Financial Resources

Digital marketing can be more cost effective for nonprofits than legacy marketing. Right off the bat, digital marketers have access to a variety of tools that cost very little or nothing at all. But that’s not the end of that. Many digital marketing platforms, including Google Ad Grants, offer free or discounted advertising to nonprofits.

4. Targeting Initiatives and Events

Digital marketing is especially effective at short term targeting. This can be immensely helpful to nonprofits looking to get the message out about a new initiative or an upcoming event. A solid strategy can reach a targeted audience within a short time frame and at minimal cost.

Nonprofits need to get their messages out – just like conventional businesses. As such, it doesn’t make sense to ignore digital marketing services. Most people are best reached through digital means. So if a nonprofit really wants to get its message in front of a targeted audience, as well as digital marketing services are a true no-brainer.

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