DNR has decided how many of Michigan’s lakes, streams have wholesome fish

Surveys on Michigan’s lakes and streams are underway in sections of the state, all element of the state’s annual effort and hard work to collect data to finest manage fishery sources.

Michigan’s 10,000 lakes and 36,000 miles of streams are ripe with data, say officials Michigan Office of Pure Means, but the division only has adequate personnel to execute about 250 to 300 surveys a 12 months.

Jay Wesley, DNR fisheries division Lake Michigan basin coordinator, reported DNR groups done a lot more than 260 fisheries surveys across Michigan in 2021. DNR fisheries team surveyed 152 inland lakes and 115 streams. 

Wesley said the surveys disclosed that about 80% of the state’s lakes and streams have healthful, self-sustaining populations of fish.

DNR has decided how many of Michigan’s lakes, streams have wholesome fish

The surveys, which are underway in southern Michigan and get started in Could in the Upper Peninsula, are handy for tracking inland fisheries populations, assessing if stocking increases angler possibilities or addressing problems from anglers throughout the yr, Wesley claimed.

“The administration models stepped up past 12 months and properly carried out these surveys to evaluate if administration steps, like fish stocking or habitat advancement assignments, had the sought after result,” Wesley claimed. “Surveys enable us recognize no matter whether or not our management steps resulted in improved recreational fishing in selected regions or improved a lake’s all round health and fitness.”