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Driving School-Why is it Important?

Finding a driving school to learn to drive is a daunting task, but has a lot of importance in improving skills. When you talk about driving it is not about you only, but the security of others on the road. Driving on the road is a  responsibility that has a towering significance. Getting a driving licence is not sufficient, everyone needs professional training and claims to be a safer driver for others. It’s all possible with driving schools near me. Moreover, you can Explore Nearby Driving Schools to get skills behind the wheel.

At Benche driving school, we do not just teach you to control a car but we trust to teach you how to use those controls simply. Additionally, in our driving lessons, we teach you to understand the responsibility of being a safer driver and respect others’ driver rights. So, to get confidence contact us at Benche driving school.

Why Should You Enrol at Driving School?

There are various benefits to enrolling at a driving school, Benche driving school promise to provide you with professional and personalised guidance in English or Mandarin Chinese. To Explore Nearby Driving Schools encounter below tips:

Certified Driving School/Instructors

Certified driving school gives your confidence behind the wheel. Accredited schools and their instructors have proper training from the authorised training centres and their experience and skills help us to handle critical situations on the road. At Benche, Our qualified and patient instructors are ICBC certified and experienced over more than 17 years.

In Vancouver, we assist various students to get their driving licences for classes 4, 5, and 7. Additionally, we have high test passing rates such as our instructors helping 8 students from 2 families to pass their driving test in a very short period.

Flexible Courses

Choose a driving school which has flexible courses or schedules so, you can handle your busy routine and easily get lessons to enhance your driving skills and pass your test. In addition to qualified instructors, we offer flexible courses at Benche driving school so that you can manage your busy schedule.

Assist you from zero experience or freshers to gaining defensive and preemptive driving skills the best reason to enrol with us is that your driving lesson will be held in your road test region.

Utmost Service-Car Renting

Additional services of any driving school remove your stress such as renting car service and pick-drop service. It’s best for those people who can not afford a car for their to learn to drive and get a license without a car. Some professional driving schools make easy these processes by giving remarkable offers.

Our utmost service is that we pick you up from your house if you do not have a car and after lessons move you back to your house. Moreover, grasp the opportunity to reserve our car for your road test. Therefore get ready to pass your test and drive your way to success with Benche driving school.

What do We offer?

You can contact us for the newest deals, we currently deal in various areas such as Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond. So, Time to learn with the best. We cover our driving lessons with a lot of hard work, attention, and patience. With engaging practices, Benche driving school make learning fun so students take an interest in their driving lessons without any frustration.

Besides Benche driving school, find the driving schools near me where your safety comes first. We consider the most successful driving school since 2004 in Vancouver and handle helping our students in test preparation and mock test. To feel tension free, our rental car service helps many students to start their driving journey easily.

Choose Class 5 driving lesson

With our class 5 driving lessons, we will be reduced accidents and handle situations on the road. To gain a class 5 driving license, you have basic knowledge about traffic signals, how to drive a vehicle, and understand the rules & regulations of the road.

In addition, with a class 5 driving license, you can only drive 2-axle vehicles and a car with no air brakes. You don’t have a permit to drive a truck, taxi, ambulance or motorcycle. Choose our high-quality class 5 driving lesson in Burnaby with many new students.


To improve your driving skills, you can Explore Nearby Driving Schools to find the best driving school for you. The best driving school have certified instructors, provide flexible or online driving lessons and gives additional services such as car renting for your comfort zone. In addition to these aspects, you can use your thoughts to taking any decisions because the best driving school is the key to success in the driving journey.

Moreover, we recommend you join our driving courses at driving lessons Vancouver at affordable rates. In this blog, we try to give you complete guidelines about our services. You can contact us for more information through our website to feel confident behind the wheel.


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