Harpy Eagle: Nationwide Hen of Panama

Panama has round 1,000 completely different species of birds, from the tiny sapphire-throated hummingbird to the big colourful tropical birds like keeled-billed toucans and the blue-and-yellow macaw. With a mixture of mountains and rainforests in addition to a shoreline on either side of the nation it’s not a shock that such quite a lot of birds make Panama their house. With so many superb birds to select from how do you select only one to symbolize your nation? Did Panama select the chatty macaw or the gorgeous resplendent quetzal with its emerald flowing tail feathers? What concerning the sensible nice horned owl? Learn on to search out out all concerning the nationwide hen of Panama.

What’s the Nationwide Hen of Panama?

The nationwide hen of Panama is the harpy eagle. Whereas the macaw, quetzal and owl would all be good selections, the harpy eagle embodies the power and energy that Panama represents. The harpy eagle is the most important eagle within the Americas. Their highly effective talons are thicker than hawks and really lengthy with some reaching 5 inches, that’s as huge as a bear claw! Standing 3-3 ½ ft tall, about as tall as your common kitchen counter, these majestic birds are a becoming image for the nation.

Harpy Eagle: Nationwide Hen of Panama
The nationwide hen of Panama is the harpy eagle, an emblem of Panama’s power and energy.


How Did Panama Select their Nationwide Hen?

The harpy eagle was named the nationwide hen of Panama on April 10, 2002. The mixture of power and sweetness is what makes this raptor such a well-liked hen. Yearly on April 10 the nation of Panama celebrates Nationwide Harpy Eagle Day as a approach to keep in mind to magnificence of this species.

What’s a Harpy Eagle?

Harpy eagles are giant raptors, just like American Bald Eagles. They’ve black wings with a white chest and grey head. The decorative feathers on their heads could be unfold out or lay flat. The sharp curved beak is used to tear into its prey and their yellow ft are geared up with highly effective talons. Each the men and women look related in coloration, with the females being a bit bigger.

Harpy eagles have ornamental feathers on their head
Harpy eagles are giant raptors with decorative feathers on their heads could be unfold out or lay flat.

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The place Do Harpy Eagles Stay?

The harpy eagle lives in Central America and South America. They are often discovered as far north as Mexico and right down to northern Argentina. In Panama they’re principally positioned within the japanese area of the Darien Province. They make their house within the rainforests the place there’s an abundance of meals. Harpy eagles make large nests that may get to be as huge as a double mattress. Harpy eagles stay in pairs, sharing one nest and mating for all times.

Harpy eagles make their home in the rainforests of Panama
Harpy eagles make their house in rainforests the place they make large nests and mate for all times.


What Do Harpy Eagles Eat?

Harpy Eagles eat parrots, iguanas, monkeys, opossum, coatimundis, sloths and raccoons. You could have seen wildlife footage of an eagle or hawk swooping down and snatching a mouse or rat, however have a look at the animals on this listing. These are good sized mammals and reptiles. Harpy eagles look forward to prey to come back to them. They are going to perch in bushes and use their superb eyesight to find prey, then fly in with their talons able to seize and snatch a plump sloth proper from the branches. The females can snag and carry an animal that weighs 15-20 kilos! A big catch could also be introduced again close to the nest the place it may be eaten over a collection of days.

The female harpy eagle can carry 15-20 pounds.
The feminine harpy eagle can seize and carry an animal that weighs 15-20 kilos.

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How Did Harpy Eagles get their Title?

Harpy eagles bought their title from mythology with some early variations of harpies referring to a Greco-Roman wind spirit. Within the legend of Jason and the Argonauts, harpies have been beast ladies that had our bodies of eagles however the face of a lady. The harpies have been despatched to the Thracian King Phineus to punish him for treating his youngsters poorly.

Are Harpy Eagles on the Panama Flag?

No, the harpy eagle just isn’t on the Panama flag however it’s on the Nationwide Coat of Arms. The harpy eagle is featured on the prime of the logo with its spectacular wings unfold vast. It holds a scroll in its beak with the nation’s moto “Professional Mundi Beneficio” which implies “For the advantage of the world”.

Are Harpy Eagles an Endangered Animal?

In accordance the IUCN the harpy eagle is listed as “Susceptible” which is one step away from being categorized as being endangered. They have been final assessed on August 6, 2021. The findings have been that the inhabitants of harpy eagles was “declining quickly owing to forest loss and degradation, looking and persecution.” It goes on to clarify that it’s regionally or regionally extinct in a lot of Central America, which means that they used to stay in a wider vary in Central America together with international locations like Panama however are now not round.

What’s Panama Doing to Assist Harpy Eagles?

Applications in a number of international locations together with Panama are in place to check the harpy eagles habitats and the results of its capability to regulate to forest loss in sure areas. Panama and Belize each have captive breeding applications the place they’ve launched captive bred harpy eagles into the wild. These haven’t been as profitable as deliberate because of only a few surviving lengthy sufficient to breed. One of many key methods to assist the harpy eagles is academic applications to show the Panama individuals concerning the essential function harpy eagles play within the ecosystem. The Nationwide Harpy Eagle Day is likely one of the academic components of the training outreach.

What Different Animals Stay in Panama?

There’s a huge vary of animals that stay in Panama. The lowland forests are teeming with wildlife from huge cats like jaguars and pumas to noisy chattering monkeys like white-faced capuchins, Geoffroy’s tamarin and howler monkeys. There are giant venomous snakes just like the lethal Fer-de-lance in addition to large bushmaster.

Panama has the Caribean see to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south so there’s a variety of coastal animals as nicely. You may discover sea turtles alongside the sandy seashores and bottlenose dolphins off the coast. The waters off the coast of Panama are a preferred breeding floor for the humpback whale. There are additionally loads of sharks together with the most important shark the whale shark.

What’s the Distinction Between a Harpy Eagle and a Bald Eagle?

Harpy eagles are the nationwide hen of Panama and bald eagles are the nationwide hen of america. Harpy eagles look very completely different the bald eagles, you possibly can simply inform them aside. The top of the harpy eagle has fluffy grey feathers and decorative feathers that stick up across the again of its head. Bald eagles have a white head of clean feathers and a vibrant yellow beak. Harpy eagles our bodies are black with a white chest whereas bald eagles have brown feathers.

One other huge distinction is their dimension, harpy eagles are larger than bald eagles. Harpy eagles can get to be 11-20 kilos whereas bald eagles not often attain greater than 14 kilos and are sometimes within the 6-14 pound vary. Bald eagles do have an even bigger wingspan than harpy eagles with the wingspan of the bald eagle being 6-8 ft and the wingspan of the harpy eagle being as much as 6 ½ ft.

What’s One Factor Harpy Eagles and Bald Eagles have in Frequent?

One factor harpy eagles and bald eagles each have in widespread is they’re each featured on their international locations’ coat of arms. The harpy eagle is on the prime of the Panama coat of arms and the bald eagle is the centerpiece of america coat of arms. Their symbolism is revered in every nation and each eagles symbolize their nation nicely.

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