Himalayan Monal: Nationwide Chicken of Nepal

The nation of Nepal lies between the northeast fringe of India and southwestern Tibet (an autonomous area of China). The northeastern border of Nepal is alongside the Himalayan Mountains, which is residence to the notorious Mount Everest. The various habitats of Nepal help hundreds of various animal species, together with some distinctive birds. Nepal has black and white storks, sarus cranes, satyr trapogons, and nice hornbills. However are any of those spectacular birds the nationwide chook of Nepal? Possibly the gorgeous pink flamingo represents the nation. Learn on to search out out all in regards to the nationwide chook of Nepal.

What’s the Nationwide Chicken of Nepal?

Himalayan Monal: Nationwide Chicken of Nepal
The males have iridescent feathers with good blue wings.

©iStock.com/Michel VIARD

The nationwide chook of Nepal is the Himalayan Monal. One take a look at this colourful chook and you’ll perceive why residents selected it to symbolize their nation. The males have iridescent feathers with good blue wings. Their heads are turquoise and have a row of feathers that stick up like a mohawk. A blue patch circles every black eye. The colours alongside their neck are radiant, with crimson fading to orange and yellow earlier than mixing into inexperienced. Blue wings lead all the way down to vibrant orange tail feathers.

Himalayan Monals are pheasants that may develop to about 28 inches lengthy and weigh round 5 kilos. The females lack the flashy colours of the males and are as an alternative a mixture of darkish brown and lightweight brown, with a white strip underneath their beaks.

The place do Himalayan Monals Stay?

As their title suggests, these birds stay alongside the Himalayans in open grassy areas and at greater altitudes. In the course of the winter they use coniferous forests for shelter, however they’re tailored to dwelling in snowy circumstances. There vary is from jap Afghanistan to western China and Tibet.

Are Himalayan Monals an Endangered Species?

The Himalayan Monal (Lophophorus impejanus) was assessed by the IUCN in October of 2016 and was decided to be a species of “Least Concern” which means they’ve a globally secure inhabitants. Himalayan Monals have a wide variety and their numbers don’t look like dwindling. There aren’t any speedy threats towards the general inhabitants of those birds.

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Is the Himalayan Monal Featured on the Nepal Forex?

The foreign money in Nepal is the rupee and contains cash and banknotes. The reverse aspect of the banknotes options lots of the animals that stay in Nepal. Nonetheless, the Himalayan Monal will not be certainly one of these featured animals. Animals which are on the again of the Nepal foreign money embody:

  • Yaks
  • Black bucks
  • Antelope
  • Swamp deer
  • Sambar deer
  • Male thar
  • Snow leopards
  • One-horned rhinoceros
  • Tigers
  • Elephants (Twin Asian Elephants)

Have been Twin Elephants Born in Nepal?

An Asian Elephant and baby at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
Child Asian elephants can weigh wherever from 150-350 kilos at delivery!

©SuperJew / Artistic Commons

Sure! Elephant twins are extraordinarily uncommon however within the Chitwan Nationwide Park in Nepal twin Asian elephants, named Ram and Lacksham, had been born in 2008. Child Asian elephants can weigh wherever from 150-350 kilos at delivery, which is why twinning is a uncommon incidence. Beside the toll of carrying twins, it’s tough for the mom to supply sufficient milk to maintain two monumental rising infants. The latest 1,000-rupee be aware options a picture of the well-known twin Asian elephants.

What’s the Nationwide Animal of Nepal?

Cow looking directly at camera
In Nepal, cows are sacred animals, they usually roam free within the streets.

©Gatien GREGORI/Shutterstock.com

The nationwide animal of Nepal is the cow. Cows in Nepal aren’t raised for beef, however they’re used for his or her milk and dairy merchandise. Cows are sacred animals, they usually roam free within the streets. That’s, they could roam, lie down, or in any other case make themselves snug wherever they please, even in the course of a busy market!

What Different Animals Stay in Nepal?

With so many numerous habitats, Nepal has a whole lot of distinctive species of animals. Listed below are among the animals that stay in Nepal:

  • Bengal Tiger: There are 5 protected areas in Nepal that home Bengal tigers. These giant wildcats can weigh round 480 kilos as adults and might be 9 toes lengthy! The tiger is an endangered animal resulting from poaching and unlawful commerce in line with the IUCN. Habitat loss has additionally been a difficulty resulting from human settlements.
  • South Asian River Dolphin: One other endangered animal is the south Asian river dolphin. These long-snouted freshwater dolphins stay within the Ganges River in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. There are additionally river dolphins within the Indus River in Pakistan. In Nepal, these dolphins are referred to as Sus and Swongsu.

What different Fascinating Animals Stay in Nepal?

  • Asiatic Rock Python (Python molurus): These pythons are cream coloured or yellowish with darkish brown squares and rectangle blotches. Are you able to belive these snakes can attain lengths of 20 toes or extra? And they aren’t skinny snakes. These thick reptiles can attain almost 200 kilos! Fortunately, Asiatic rock pythons aren’t venomous.
  • Pink panda: Pink pandas appear like a cross between a crimson fox and a raccoon and inhabit a number of of the nationwide parks in Nepal. Similar to large pandas, their eating regimen consists primarily of bamboo. Half of the crimson pandas stay within the jap Himalayans.  
  • Yak: Whereas yaks aren’t the nationwide animal of Nepal, these giant furry cow-like animals play an necessary function of their tradition. For the mountain dwelling Nepali, the yaks are an necessary a part of their commerce with Tibet. These giant animals are adept at touring alongside the mountain trails and might carry 200 kilos of products. The Nepali additionally use them to supply milk and dairy merchandise, they usually additionally use their hides, fur, and dung (for gas).

Do Any Animals Stay on Mount Everest?

There are only a few animals that stay on Mount Everest. A wide range of creatures can survive under 20,000 toes, however above 20,000 toes there are only some documented animals. Three animals that stay at nice heights on Mount Everest embody:

  • Himalayan leaping spiders: These are small spiders, solely 4-5 mm in measurement.
  • Yellow-bellied coughs: These crow-like birds have been noticed at 26,500 toes.
  • Bar-headed geese: These birds migrate over Everest from Tibet to the marshes of India.

Decrease elevations on Mount Everest are residence to greater than 100 chook species that stay or migrate by Sagarmatha Nationwide Park. It’s also possible to discover Himalayan thars (giant wild goats), crimson pandas, black bears, musk deer, wolves, and snow leopards. The park can also be residence to the Himalayan Monal, which the Nepali named the Danfe. Remember to be digital camera prepared when climbing by the park, as it could be an honor to catch a photograph of the gorgeous nationwide chook of Nepal.

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