How to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly All Year Round

Having a reliable vehicle that starts and runs properly is a necessity for most people’s daily lives. But cars require some basic maintenance and preparation to keep them operating at their best through every season. From beating summer heat to conquering winter freezes, here are smart tips to maintain a smooth-running ride all year round.

Spring Cleaning

After a harsh winter, your car has endured some serious abuse from snow, salt, potholes and more. Once warmer temperatures arrive, give your vehicle a thorough detailing inside and out. Wash off caked road grime, clean the undercarriage, and get rid of any accumulated debris. Use automotive cleaning products to remove salt stains and revive trim pieces. And do not forget to vacuum carpets/mats and wipe down surfaces.

Summer Heat Safeguards

Hot summer conditions put extra strain on both your engine and air conditioning system. Have your coolant levels checked and consider a system flush if it has been over a year. Inspect all cooling system hoses for cracks or leaks. And make sure your A/C is running at peak chill by having the refrigerant levels checked. You may also want new cabin air filters for maximum airflow.

Tire Rotations and Pressure Checks  

With increased road trip mileage over summer months, tires take a beating. Get in the habit of checking air pressures at least monthly and adjusting to proper levels. Improperly inflated tires wear prematurely, waste gas, and even create safety hazards. Rotating tires according to your vehicle’s prescribed schedule evens out tread wear, maximizing longevity. Have any worn or damaged tires replaced with quality new ones.

Battery Health

No one wants to deal with a dead battery, whether in summer’s sweltering heat or winter’s freezing temperatures. The experts over at Clore Automotive recommend using a battery charger car starter regularly to condition your battery and prevent drainage. Have the battery load tested annually after three years to check if replacement is needed. Cleaning corrosion from cable connections helps to maintain a solid electrical charge path.

Brake Inspections

Those summer road trips mean more stop-and-go highway driving that wears brake pads and shoes faster. If brakes are making noise or your vehicle is taking longer stopping distances, have the system thoroughly inspected. Replacing worn pads/shoes before they fully deteriorate prevents expensive damage to rotors and drums. Flushing the brake fluid system annually also extends component life.

Autumn Prep 

With winter weather approaching, tune-up tasks become paramount. Replace aged spark plugs and wires to ensure easy winter starts. Have the antifreeze/coolant mixture tested and refilled to proper levels for freeze protection. Install new windshield wiper blades to provide a clear view through rain and snow. And stock your trunk with winter essentials like scrapers, sand, jumper cables, and a shovel.

Winterize Your Ride

Freezing temperatures bring their own slew of cold-weather car issues. Switching to winter tires with their deeper, more aggressive treads dramatically improves traction on snow and ice. Covering your windshield with a thermal shield makes morning startups much easier. And packing emergency supplies like snacks, blankets and a battery booster pack keeps you warm and running if stranded.


With some basic preventative maintenance and seasonal preparation, you can keep your vehicle running reliably and smoothly all year long. During spring and fall transition periods, do thorough inspections to address any needs before extreme weather hits. Using quality products like fresh fluids, filters and batteries also optimizes performance. Do not neglect simple upkeep, as it’s far easier and cheaper to perform routine maintenance than dealing with major repairs down the road.

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