How to Maintain Your Place After Home Renovation Ottawa

A strategic transformation of one’s home can be an extremely thrilling and empowering procedure, yet the issue is not resolved once the last contractor leaves. Proper maintenance is central to achieving a complete synergy of the new look, functionality, and worth of your updated space. Here are essential tips to help you maintain your home after a home renovation in Ottawa.

1. Understand Your New Features

Knowing the specifics of your new features is significant before you engage in the “drug” of maintenance. This involves the types of materials used, their guidelines for care, and any warranties you might have. Builders or suppliers usually provide labels for new appliances, flooring, and so on; thus, be prepared in this case.

2. Develop a Cleaning Routine

Regular cleaning is one of the main components to the good looks and long life of your refacer space. Using different cleaning methods on diverse materials is necessary:

  1. Strong wood surfaces; do not darken the finish more, please, with a soft cloth, and use a cleaner suitable for wood alone.
  2. Stone Countertops: Clean with a pH-balanced cleaner to prevent etching and staining.
  3. Grime and muck should be removed by using a mild cleaner and gently scrubbing to prevent grout from getting dirty and mold from growing.

3. Check for Settling Cracks

It is common for tiny cracks to appear on your walls and ceilings after a home renovation Ottawa due to the natural settling of your home. As part of your home inspection schedule every season, check these areas and repair any hatches sooner rather than later to prevent minor problems from growing into major ones. These problems can be corrected with simple caulking and repainting.

4. Maintenance of HVAC Systems

If you replaced or updated your HVAC system during the renovation, ensure it is serviced regularly. Change filters at the recommended intervals, usually every 1-3 months, as well as have the system thoroughly checked by a professional at least once in a year. This will keep the system running efficiently and extend its useful life.

5. Protect Your Floors

The floors are frequently subjected to strong impacts due to the large number of ways that they are passed. Use mats and carpets in the doorways to trap the dirt and debris before they reach deeper areas. 

Pads made of felt under the furniture legs provide additional protection on hardwood floors to save them from scrawl marks. Cleaning the floor requires sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, which should be done concerning the type to make the new one look as good as possible.

6. Plumbing

For the newly established plumbing devices and installations, leaks must be inspected occasionally. A small leak can result in significant damage in the long run. Detecting the presence of dampness applied by leaks can be achieved by checking under the sink, around the toilet, and among the water heater). The sooner you fix the leaks, the more you will be saved from further catastrophic damages. You can contact Cashflow Construction for all renovation processes. Their experts are always available to assist you.

7. Electrical System Monitoring

In case you had electrical work done during your renovation project, it is advisable to check the outlets and switches regularly to follow the right procedure. Watch out for occurrences like the lights suddenly flickering or the breakers being repeatedly tripped as these signal that further problems might loom. 

Electric problems that need attention should always be addressed promptly to guarantee the security of your home. Always take care of your wiring connections, especially if a power surge due to the excessive use of electrical appliances likely takes place.

8. Care of Exterior Features

Along with new external finishes, such as new sidings, roofing, and landscaping, if they were part of this renovation, you also need proper upkeep. Removal of leaves and debris regularly from the gutters, inspection regarding how the sidings and other building materials are in place, and lawn upkeep to avoid overgrowth from encroaching into your house and other parts of the house.

9. Repaint When Necessary

Nowadays, a wide range of paints will make your house look new again. Yet, the truth is that the new paint does not last forever. The particular areas of high-traffic usually demand being repainted more frequently. You would then only need to recognize and repair scratches and nicks as they develop to keep a perfect appearance. To last longer, the exterior must be freed of peeling and fading so you can repair and restore it as required. The whole home needs to be the embodiment of cleanliness.

10. Create a Maintenance Schedule

To keep all these chores in memory, you may want to think about preparing a maintenance schedule. List your daily, weekly, monthly, semi-journal and annual jobs. All of the specified tasks will be seen to, and through the use of the approach you develop, maintenance will become an easier thing to do.


After home renovation Ottawa, it is necessary to maintain your property to keep it in good shape, make it functional, and increase its value. We must be clear about what has been added recently maintain order, and be punctual with repair work and periodic checks. Regular, not necessarily costly maintenance can shield your money and let you enjoy your renovated home fully.


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