How to Make Your Sign Printing Stand Out?

Your business’s signage serves as a warm welcome to your customers. It creates the initial impression and ensures your company gets noticed. However, if your signage fails to attract, engage, or effectively communicate, it simply doesn’t serve its purpose.

So, you need to make sure that when you are choosing sign printing as your next promotional tool, you follow the tips given below.

Check the Location of the Sign

You need to consider where the sign is going to be placed. Will it be near a shopping mall or in a high-traffic area? In case yes, you have to use attractive, bold elements for your custom sign printing to stand out against other signs. In case your sign is hanging solo in less traffic space, a simple sign with conservative colors is enough to get the message out.

It is also necessary to consider the local lighting and the type of materials and colors that will surround the sign.

Give It a Contrasting Look

Contrast can make your A frame sign and other signs stand out. It will make the sign visible and easy to read, even from a further distance. The better contrast a sign has, the more noticeable it will be.

The use of the right color is one of the most convenient methods to give the sign a contrast. Best contrasting color combinations, such as red and white or black and white- draws attention automatically and can improve readability. You should always opt for colors for the main elements of the sign.

Avoid Using Fancy Fonts

Stylish and fancy fonts are ideal for being used in wedding invitations but will not help in making the signs successful. Decorative fonts can help in drawing attention but they are not easy to read. It can muddle the message even if it is suitable for the brand image.

Rather than choosing fancy fonts, you should choose clean, crisp, and powerful fonts. Utilizing specific fonts can provide your sign with a strong and noticeable appearance, making it easily readable for individuals passing by. Opting for fonts designed for their intended purpose—display fonts for headlines, or body copy for the body—can simplify the process. It is advisable to refrain from using more than two fonts in a single design, as it can potentially lead to confusion.

Keep Things Simple

Simplicity is the key to successful custom A frame signs. The more direct and simpler your design, the easier it will be to understand and read. You just have a few minutes to communicate your brand message. Emphasize concise and impactful copy that communicates clearly with minimal words. Steer clear of using more than two fonts in a single design, as this can lead to confusion. By adhering to these guidelines, your message will be effectively conveyed in a succinct and visually coherent manner.

The visual design you are choosing for the A frame sign printing is enough for drawing attention but not distracting enough that it takes away from the brand message. Don’t forget to include white space as it helps in making the message the focus of the sign.

Use Good Graphics

People love to use visual images in the A frame signs as it is an effective way to grab attention and make them stand out. Your graphics on the signs don’t have to be fancy. A headshot image or simple logo can be enough to give your sign printing a competitive edge. It is crucial that you choose graphics that are relevant to your message and the sign’s design. Make sure that you are only using the best quality images for the graphics you are choosing- pixelated or blurry images showcase the brand as careless and cheap.

Consider the Scale and Size

The style of the font is not the only text-related task you have in creating a unique sign. Also, you should ensure that the individual letter of the sign has the right size for optimal visibility. For doing this, consider how far the sign has to be seen. Experts have to say that you should add an inch of letter height for every 10 feet of distance. In case the sign will be seen as far as 300 feet away, the letters should be a minimum of 30 inches tall.

Bottom Line

When you are designing sign printing for your promoting your business, you should work with a professional. By hiring them, you can expect to get optimal results. The professionals will help you decide on each detail of the sign and print them in the best quality.

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