Incredible Venti merchandise you can’t miss out on

Incredible Venti merchandise you can't miss out on

Genshin Impact Venti

Venti, An unknown bard that came from nowhere. He sometimes sings outdated songs; other times he hums new ones that none have ever heard of. He likes apples and lively atmospheres, but hates cheese and anything that is slimy.When channeling Anemo, it appears in the form of feathers, because he likes things that look light. Venti wields a bow as his weapon, recommended choices being Skyward Harp and The Stringless. His constellation is called “Carmen Dei .”

If you are a big Venti-lover, which of the Venti merchandise is essential? Check the list (in no particular order) below!

  • Venti Nendoroid Action Figure

Do you want a winking, a contemplating or a smiling face of Venti? Do you want your Venti to be the Anemo bow character or the singing bard? This action figure fits all! Whether you want Venti to stand still or float in the air, to aim or to sing, it will meet all your needs and bring Venti to you lively!

  • Venti Impression Clothing Skirts

The latest official merchandise collection of Venti impression apparel! It’s light and fresh and lovely and vivacious, the emboridered pattern of Holy Lyre der Himmel and the word “VENTI” appear right on the front side!

  • Venti Impression Clothing Shirt

What if there were a school themed on Venti? This shirt looks just like a Venti-school uniform! Metallic nameplates, feather tie clips and pinwheel pendants, so fresh and exquisite! Double collars in double colors and accordion folds on shirt fronts, so beautiful and Venti-like!

  • Venti Impression Envelop Bag & Tote Bag

Prefer accessories over clothes? We’ve got you covered! Indulge in Venti-style elegance with our selection of clutch bags and tote bags. Whether you’re looking for sophistication or practicality, there’s a venti bag genshin for every occasion!

  • Venti Impression Clothing Hooded Cape Coat

Which Venti-style clothing is the most Venti-like? Of course the cloak! Whether the loop inspired by the belt of Venti, or the embroidered little wings on the back transplanted from those on Venti’s own cloak, they all demonstrate the impression of Venti, and every Genshin player will notice how “Venti” it is!

Embrace the essence of Venti with a cloak that’s as whimsical as the character himself! The quintessential Venti cloak isn’t just a piece of clothing; it’s a statement. Adorned with a belt loop reminiscent of Venti’s own and delicate wing embroidery on the back, this cloak is a nod to the beloved bard from Genshin Impact. It’s not just a garment—it’s a recognition signal for fellow fans who can spot the “Venti-ness” from miles away!

Whether you’re drawn to Venti for his playful image or his endearing traits, your admiration doesn’t have to end at mere appreciation. Why stop at liking when you can embody the spirit of Venti? Your affection, no matter its depth or form, finds its ultimate expression in this merchandise. So, don the cloak and let the world see the Venti in you!

Do you love Venti because of his image, or because of his characteristics? Are you satisfied with liking him, or do you want to be like him? No matter what kind of love, and no matter how deep the love you are holding to Venti, it can be expressed through the merchandise.

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