Meet the Cuddly Cat Stealing Hearts Online for Years With Her ‘Trust Falls’

A male who has been recording his cat’s lovely sleeping positions for the previous 7 yrs has captured viral awareness after his movie re-surfaced on Reddit this week.

Shared on Wednesday on the subreddit r/aww, the video exhibits Nala the cat hilariously “flopping” into her owner’s arms various occasions.

Originally shared by Alexander Fredriksen-Sylte in 2015, the new post that includes the movie has been given around 69,000 upvotes and delighted Reddit users.

“This is very heartwarming and just so sweet,” said one particular comment. An additional viewer wrote: “The head tilt to snuggle up just a small closer melted me.”

A combine of Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest cat, Nala will before long transform 12 yrs old and is nonetheless doing her “flops” these days.

Meet the Cuddly Cat Stealing Hearts Online for Years With Her ‘Trust Falls’
Nala the cat, performing her signature “flopping” movement over the many years with her operator. Nala’s lovable snuggling has been warming hearts online given that 2015.
@residing_with_nala/Instagram/Alexander Fredriksen-Sylte

A journalist in Oslo, Norway, Fredriksen-Sylte life with his loved ones and cat Nala in the countryside just outdoors of Oslo. He explained to Newsweek: “I satisfied Nala for the to start with time in 2013 when I 1st satisfied my spouse and witness her have confidence in slide for the initially time. I grew up with cats and don’t forget how surprised I was looking at Nala slide down into the crook of my wife’s arm—I experienced never seen anything at all like it!”

His spouse states that Nala applied to sleep on her neck when she was a kitten, and that “the flop” grew from the solid bond they had. Blessed enough to be acknowledged into the club, Fredriksen-Sylte is a journalist who loves to acquire photographs and record films and started off recording Nala’s cute conduct.

Cats are often wrongly accused of not becoming as affectionate as other animals, but in an post for Psychology Right now, Jessica Pierce, Ph.D., mentioned that though cats may well not certainly clearly show it, they do appreciate their owners and will specific their enjoy in various means. “Cats are very refined animals,” wrote Pierce. “Your cat will clearly show she likes you by hanging all-around around you. She may well rest next to you or rest her paws on your lap.”

Reddit was overjoyed with the re-surfaced clip of Nala. One particular user wrote: “Not to be spectacular, but I would die for this cat,” and one more commenter referred to the flop as “trust falls.”

In 2020, Fredriksen-Sylte shared a re-created video of the original with current photographs of Nala performing her famed “flop.”

When asked why he thinks men and women really like the video clips so significantly, he stated: “I consider that many may well working experience the similar shock I in the beginning experienced when I fulfilled Nala. Looking at video clips of animals, babies and very good deeds that can deliver a smile to your face is one thing quite a few of us hardly ever get exhausted of. I am satisfied Nala can contribute to that and that these video clips live on for years.”

Nala’s fame has arrived at genuine world-extensive status, the small cat from Oslo has been visited by a Japanese Tv crew and has actors following her on Instagram. “It is really surreal, but by now we have grown utilised to the fact that she is the star of the loved ones,” mentioned Fredriksen-Sylte.