New Business Idea to Earn More Income: Become an IRCTC Agent

Everyone wants a secure source of income to increase their earnings. If you are looking forward to earning extra income, Indian Railways has launched an excellent scheme for every individual & travel agent. Becoming an IRCTC travel agent will help to earn commission on fresh bookings & selling travel packages with customized offers. The process becomes fast & simple with the new IRCTC agent registration

Some popular service providers, like SiOnline, help users proceed with the procedure of IRCTC’s new agent login. It assists beginners to learn the whole process of ticket booking, refunds & cancellations. IRCTC agents unlock new opportunities for people who want to start their own business with an agent with recognized authorities. 

Role of an IRCTC Agent 

Indians are fond of traveling during their holidays & use railway transportation for their regular movements across states. More than a lakh tickets get booked on a daily basis under the IRCTC portal. With such growing demand, IRCTC agents have more scope for earnings. 

IRCTC agents are responsible for majorly online ticket booking, refunds & cancellations. However, they are engaged in other complementary services, such as bus & flight ticket bookings, mobile/DTH recharge, bank transfers, holiday package bookings, hotel check-ins & checkout, visa & others. Unlike personal IDs, unlimited bookings are allowed on IRCTC’s new agent login.

The Process to Become an IRCTC Agent

Setting up your IRCTC agent business is not a tough job & takes a few days. The first step should be looking for trusted service providers for new IRCTC agent registration. You may check out SiOnline, which ensures smooth onboarding for registered agents & provides additional benefits. 

Here are a few simple steps to complete the IRCTC agent registration process:-

  • Log in to the official website of IRCTC & create an account to proceed with the registration.
  • If registering under any authorized IRCTC’s principal service provider like SiOnline, it will provide a video tutorial to outline the whole registration process.
  • Fill up the basic personal information to proceed with the IRCTC agent registration.
  • Submit the necessary documents for authentication & background verification. Applicants can submit their documents, such as PAN cards, Aadhar cards, colored photographs, and other valid documents.
  • Once the application gets approval & documents are verified as per the guidelines specified, the applicant will receive their registration certificate & login IDs. 

List of Required Documents: Digital signature, 2 recent passport-size colored photos, valid Email ID, contact number, service tax, ration card, bank details or voter IDs, telephonic & light bill, driving license, passport, address proof, and PAN Card. 

After completing the registration formalities & depositing the fee amount, the IRCTC portal takes users to the KYC subscription process. As a welcome token, users receive specialized training for the routine job of ticket bookings. 

Earning Measures for an IRCTC Agent

IRCTC agents can earn high income with fixed commissions on every fresh booking using the ID. The commission ranges between INR 20 for Non-AC & 40 INR for AC Classes on every PNR. Agents do not have any limitations for online ticket bookings under the IDs, which makes the scope of earning limitless for agents. On average, IRCTC agents earn an income of up to 50,000 to 80,000 per month; an upper limit can go beyond one lakh.

Furthermore, agents create traveling packages for customers to cover their holiday destinations along with hotel, bus & flight tickets. It provides the chance to add more income with customized tour packages; travelers can make the changes conveniently. 

IRCTC agent has no compliance for trade license to provide online ticket booking services to the customers. 

Ease of RDS Wallet: IRCTC agents can pay using seamless online transactions with RDS Wallet. There is no requirement for a bank account to directly deposit the amount to the wallet & book tickets using RDS Wallet transactions. Agents can easily top-up their wallets using online payment modes like Internet banking & UPI. Also, it will reduce the requirement for OTP & PIN insertion for online transactions. RDS Wallets are safe & secure under the authorization of IRCTC. 

Registering Under Any Service Provider

IRCTC agents who get the registration certificate under any reliable service provider like SIOnline. It brings additional benefits like 24-hour customer service support, an easy user interface, and detailed video tutorials. It supports agents to go through the formal process of online registration & ticket booking of different classes, tatkal schemes, cancellations & refunds. Additionally, it provides manuals to aware agents about general guidelines associated with ticket bookings. 

The service provider assures that new IRCTC agent registration has been done with authentication & valid status. It will share online IDs & certificates that agents can put into their premises. Also, it will create a personalized account that gives major updates on every transaction, statement & invoice that must be kept in custody for agents. 

End Note

Becoming an IRCTC agent will be simplified using the best available principal service provider like SiOnline. Users can create their IRCTC’s new agent login & start earning income from the first day. Refer to all the guidelines & policies that IRCTC specified for registered agents. Overall, the IRCTC agency is a great business idea to work on & scale up their income earnings. 

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