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A pet has taken it upon herself to handle how considerably some birds take in, in a way that will make you roll on the flooring with laughter.

Many pets, be they cats or canine, have a behavior of seeking out the window in the cutest way probable. Some of them do this simply because they just want to be acquainted with the exterior planet or want to go out. But in this video that has recently been posted on Reddit, just one gets to see a dog who appears to be out the window for a quite distinct nevertheless hilarious intent.

The video clip starts to demonstrate a pet pet dog wanting outside the house of the window and sitting down in a extremely attentive and poised way. Viewers also get to see that outside the window, is a hen feeder that has been put in by the dog’s human in purchase to help stray birds get some food items. The puppy, on the other hand, has taken it upon herself to handle how substantially the birds eat in a way that will make you roll on the flooring with laughter.

The sweet movie has been shared on the subReddit named r/AnimalsBeingJerks and has grow to be pretty common on the web page. The movie has been shared with a caption that reads, “Daisy controls how considerably our birds eat in a very jerkish way.” There is a likelihood that this humorous movie could possibly make you chortle out loud and go ‘aww’ – equally at the similar time.

Get a glance at the amusing doggy movie proper here:

This online video was posted on Reddit all over a day in the past and it has so far garnered over 8,800 upvotes. And the numbers only keep likely up. It has also collected a lot of opinions from folks who could not quit laughing at the doggy online video.

A Redditor took to the comments segment in get to write, “My pet does a model of this with our window feeder, but as an alternative of telling the birds their food is around, he lets squirrels know they are not welcome at the establishment.” “Daisy is their part management keep an eye on,” reads another remark. A third remark reads, “Her front paws appears to be like like she’s sporting tennis sneakers.” To this, the initial poster replied, “Haha both equally of our canines have that style of black physique with white paws.”

What are your feelings on this canine video clip that is equivalent pieces hilarious and cute?

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