Ranking 8 Best Pyromancies In Dark Souls

In the first Dark Souls game, players can choose from a number of useful pyromancies.

Dark Souls is one of the best video games ever made. It showed many players what an action game can do when it doesn’t hold their hands and beats them down every step of the way. This made every win feel so good. In Dark Souls, both regular enemies and bosses can kill the player in a few hits, so it’s important to stay out of harm’s way and attack as much as possible without getting backed into a hole.

Because of this, many pros would rather just stay out of danger and use pyromancy to kill their opponent instead. Early on, it can be hard to use these powerful spells, but if you put enough points into Attunement and get a lot of good spells, you can easily take out most of your opponents. The faster-moving bosses in the DLC are the only ones you can’t beat with this moveset.

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