Rigid Boxes: An Ideal Solution For Small Businesses

The market is swamped with retail products. Multiple companies produce each type of product. It makes it difficult for small businesses to find room. If you use rigid boxes, you can attract customers and increase your sales. 

This packaging is used when luxury items are packed or when the product needs extra protection. Rigid packaging is an excellent combination of product protection and presentation. New companies can attract customers with this enticing packaging. 

You must invest in rigid packaging boxes when dealing with delicate or luxury items. In this article, we will discuss rigid packaging in detail and what benefits this packaging can provide to small businesses. 

Before moving forward, let’s understand the characteristics of rigid packaging.

What Are Rigid Boxes? 

Rigid packages are also called set-up boxes. These boxes are made of premium quality materials. Different varieties of raw materials are used to manufacture set-up boxes; however, paper-based material is used for eco-friendly solutions. 

Strong paper material is used in the production of these boxes. They are four to five times thicker than the average paperboard material. Kraft, leather, fabric, etc., cover the basic structure of rigid boxes. 

Custom Flip top packaging boxes are usually rigid. Their lids have a flip-open style with a magnetic lock. This sturdy packaging with an attractive lid significantly increases the value of products.

Benefits For Small Businesses

If you run a new and small business, you will know the difficulties small business owners face. Customers do not select your brand despite the best quality of your products. 

The main reason is that customers have already built a strong connection with established brands. You can only attract customers if you give them something extra, such as attractive and durable packaging. 

Rigid packaging boxes can give your product holistic packaging and help you increase your product sales. These boxes look distinct from other packaging, and their sturdiness portrays your brand’s high standards. Resultantly, the customer thinks to give your product a chance. 


Rigid boxes are in the form of flip top packaging boxes. These boxes have a magnetic lock that does not allow accidental box opening. Furthermore, the high-quality material used in rigid packaging gives the box remarkable strength. 

When you give the customers a premium quality product with exquisite packaging, your customer will return to your products repeatedly. 

Aesthetic Look 

In addition to protection, Rigid boxes look aesthetically pleasing. We all know that humans have a remarkable proclivity toward aesthetic products. So, your product will become unavoidable by the customers. 

With the emergence of social media, digital marketing has become prevalent. Companies send their products as P.R. packages to influencers to grow the company’s visibility. When you use your aesthetic product on social media, you can gain easy popularity. 

Cost Effective 

 It seems that rigid packaging is expensive and will increase production costs. However, rigid packaging is made of paper-based material, which is inexpensive. You can also get rigid boxes wholesale to reduce packaging costs. 

Easy Customization 

The customization of set-up boxes is effortless. This is because these boxes are covered with some layers. You can select different coverings for your packaging, such as leather, fabric, and kraft. 

Kraft is the best choice as it is easy to print and cheap. You can print unique designs on your kraft papers and promote your brand. 

Type Of Paper Board: Virgin VS Recycled 

A rigid box is made of two types of materials. Virgin and recycled paper board. The virgin material is a bit costly but has long fibers, so sturdy packaging results. 

Conversely, recycled paper has short fibers, so the packaging is less intense than virgin paper. But the cost of the packaging is low. You can select any of them as per your convenience and budget. 


Small business owners need extra effort to increase their sales and make room in the market. Therefore, with the product quality, the packaging is equally important. For this, rigid boxes are the best solution. 

These boxes are durable, easy to customize, give adequate product protection, and have an economical manufacturing cost. There are two types of raw materials used in rigid packages, virgin and recycled; both have different strengths and price ranges. 

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