Stay Informed: Palm Beach County School Calendar Highlights

As a parent or student, staying informed about the Palm Beach County School Calendar is crucial for managing your time and planning ahead. With numerous events and important dates throughout the academic year, this guide aims to highlight the key dates you need to keep an eye on. From the first day of school to major holidays, testing dates, and graduation ceremonies, we’ve got you covered.

First Day of School

The excitement of a new academic year begins with the first day of school. In Palm Beach County, the school year kicks off in mid-August for all grades, including pre-K and kindergarten. It’s a day filled with nerves and excitement as students meet their teachers and classmates, and parents prepare to get back into the school routine. Mark this date on your calendar to ensure a smooth start to the year.

Major Holidays

The Palm Beach County School Calendar includes several major holidays when schools will be closed. These breaks are perfect opportunities for family time, vacations, or simply recharging. Here are the key holidays to remember:

Thanksgiving Break: Typically, Thanksgiving break spans a full week in late November, giving students and teachers a much-needed respite.

Winter Break: This is one of the longest breaks in the school year, usually starting in late December and extending into early January. It’s a great time for festive celebrations and relaxation.

Spring Break: Occurring in March or April, Spring Break offers a week-long pause in the academic calendar. It’s a popular time for family trips or simply enjoying the spring weather.

Important Testing Dates

Testing is a significant part of the academic year, and the Palm Beach County School Calendar includes several important testing dates for state and national exams. Make sure these dates are highlighted on your calendar to ensure your child is prepared:

Florida Standards Assessments (FSA): Administered in the spring, these exams measure student performance in core subjects such as English Language Arts and Mathematics.

SAT: For high school students, the SAT is a critical exam for college admissions. The Palm Beach County School Calendar will list specific dates for school-administered SAT tests.

Teacher Planning Days

Teacher planning days are scattered throughout the academic year and are critical for educators to prepare lesson plans and manage administrative tasks. On these days, students typically have no school. These dates can be a convenient time for parents to schedule appointments or special activities for their children. Keep an eye on the Palm Beach County School Calendar to stay updated on these planning days.

Graduation Dates

For high school seniors, graduation is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Each high school in Palm Beach County holds its graduation ceremony at different times, usually in late May or early June. It’s a time of celebration and reflection for students and their families. Mark these dates on your calendar well in advance to ensure you don’t miss this significant milestone.

Last Day of School

The last day of school marks the end of the academic year and the beginning of summer vacation. In Palm Beach County, this day typically falls in early June. It’s a time for students to celebrate their achievements and look forward to the summer break. Parents should note this date as it signals the start of summer activities and plans.


Staying informed about the Palm Beach County School Calendar is essential for parents and students alike. By keeping track of key dates such as the first day of school, major holidays, testing dates, teacher planning days, graduation ceremonies, and the last day of school, you can ensure a smooth and organized academic year. Whether you’re planning family vacations, preparing for exams, or celebrating milestones, having these dates on your calendar will help you stay ahead and make the most of the school year.

For the most up-to-date information, always refer to the official Palm Beach County School Calendar provided by the school district. Here’s to a successful and enjoyable academic year!


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