The Legality and Ethics of Essay Writing Service

Legality and Ethics of Essay Writing Service


In the current advent of education, it is seen that time and age matter for a person to be regarded as a student. This current freedom of education has led to many non-tradition students who have responsibilities on their hands to manage personal life as well as college life to be educated and earn at the same time to suffer family and self. The non-traditional student culture has led many students to have a lack of time to do their own assignments or essays or dissertation within the deadline provided. This is because they have too much on their hand which makes them unable to separately complete assignments after remembering the studies and working. In this situation, the students are seen to seek for essay writing help services. Essay writing help are basically an organisations who have talented academic writers to execute assignments on the behalf of students. However, seeking the best essay writing service in doing the assignment often raises question in the mind of students and others who have never used the services if it a crime to access assistance from essay help services to make their essay to be written by others. Thus, a brief discussion regarding the legality and ethics of the essay writing service is needed to resolve this issue for now and ever.

Legality and Ethics of Essay Writing Services

In the 21st century, when everything has become digital and laws being imposed everywhere to be controlled, there are still no laws in any country which says hiring an essay writing service is illegal for the student. So the legality of using essay writing services from the aspect of Acts and Legislations set by the governments over nations is true. However, many may ask if a law is not framed to avoid any action can it always be considered legal? In that case, I would ask those people to mention one aspect in society as well as in the educational field where any illegal activity that is considered by people yet being supported without any law being framed to stop it. I think you can name none of such acts being performed in education.

Some may dispute that writing assignment on the behalf of the student is like sitting in the examination on behalf of the student. However, there are still laws that prohibits and penalises such act of people sitting on behalf of a student to complete an examination but nothing in respect to assignment writing. Thus, it can be considered that the services is not illegal to be used by students since even after knowing their presence no legal steps are even been taken. The act of accessing help from best essay writing services for writing essay is not cheating as it is just a helpful solution for the student on their tight schedule to ask for assistance in doing their project. The students never blindly submit the written content to the college. It is rather seen the students reviews the content and make require modifications before final submission.   

Some of people may now question the ethical aspect of the act of letting the essay assignments being done by the essay writing help. One of the ethical principles followed in society is law-abiding by people. In accessing services from essay help to do the assignments, the students do not break any law as there are none which is the first instance of the ethical aspect of the act. The other ethical aspect followed in society is responsibility and respect. The students who uses thesis writing service or dissertation help do not execute the act to avoid their responsibility of disrespecting others. This is because they never go for accessing essay help from thesis writing and essay writing organisations because they want to reject their responsibility of writing the essay.

They go for the services as a part of their responsibility to complete the assignment or essay like any other student in the class to be submitted within the deadline. The essay writing services mainly act as support for the students unable to make time for writing the essay to execute the action within time. The students who uses essay help never boast their action and disrespect others who have written the essay on their own. This is because the student accessing services for essay or thesis or dissertation help goes through the researched content to read and write notes for the essay being already written. They make the notes to ensure they are knowledgeable of the facts being written and it is not something fancy which are beyond their education. I being an academic writer have personally seen clients asking for a essay draft and not a readymade copy to be written. This is because the draft is their guidance to understand what is to be written in the essay and they accordingly search and write the essay. In another instance, a student lost her mother the day before her essay submission and requested us to write the rest of the essay as she is not the mental state to complete the essay and the university is not going to extend the deadline. In this case, do you ask the students to just fail because you think it is illegal and ethical without any substantial proof of such act being called illegal?

Essay Writing Service


Thus, it can be seen that accessing essay writing help or dissertation help or support with thesis writing is not illegal and unethical. This is because there are no laws even after knowing its wide existence to stop or protest the action. Moreover, the students accessing essay help or dissertation help are not merely doing the action because the person wants to be better than others to disrespect their efforts of writing on their own. The essay help is being accessed by students to have guidance regarding the way to complete the essay while managing their personal and professional lives or other adversities with life.  So before calling something to be illegal like the academic content writing, I would ask you to give a thought of your own by analysing all the aspects in which it is used by students.

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