These Head-Controlled Cat Ears Go With Your Mood

As any cat operator will notify you, a cat’s ears are excellent indicators of its state of head: pointed ahead if they want your notice, turned backwards if they are angry, and folded down flat when they’re concerned. Human beings at times don cat ear headbands as a manner assertion, but sitting down motionless individuals ears are far more probable to confuse a cat than to provide any meaningful communication.

[Jazz DiMauro] aims to fill that gap by developing a cat ear headband that in fact responds to your feelings. It does so by continually having an EEG measurement and extracting the “attention” and “meditation” variables from it. All those values are then used to a established of servos that make it possible for two-axis movement on each and every 3D printed ear. The EEG readout gadget is an off-the-shelf MindWave headset, which outputs its sensor facts as a result of Bluetooth. An Arduino then reads out the facts and drives the servos.

Turning all this into a usable wearable device was a venture on its personal: [Jazz] went through quite a few iterations to discover a appropriate power source and wiring system until they settled on a pair of lithium-polymer batteries and a solitary flat cable. The conclusion consequence appears cozy plenty of to dress in, and the ears’ movement appears sleek and purely natural. All that is remaining is to take a look at it with true cats, to uncover out if they can now ultimately have an understanding of their human’s thoughts much too.

We have highlighted a handful of shifting cat ear headbands before: one particular that moves together with your head’s motions, and a different one with manual control. Today’s EEG-run 1 exhibits nonetheless a further software for EEGs, which have been applied for everything from invoking lucid dreaming to actively playing beer pong.