Top 7 Best Intrigue Perks In Crusader Kings 3

Some of the best benefits in Crusader Kings 3 can be found in the Intrigue perks. These are the best ones out of all of them.

When characters reach adulthood in Crusader Kings 3, they can choose from one of five Lifestyles. However, if they got a good education as a child, they will move faster through the Lifestyle in which they were taught. Intrigue is one of the most-played Lifestyles because it lets players plan and scheme their way to the top.

There are three Perk trees and three Focuses for the Intrigue Lifestyle. Each of the three Focuses gives a different bonus. When a character finishes all of the Perks in a tree, they get a certain Intrigue Trait. Often, players will want to focus on just one of these. But the order in which Perks are unlocked is important, and sometimes Crusader Kings 3 players will want to use Intrigue Perks from different Perk trees to get the best ones.

Like Weeds In A Garden

crusader-kings-3-like-weeds-in-a-garden-perk.png (486×227)

Crusader Kings 3 is a game where you can only keep going if you can make an heir for your kingdom who can take over when a ruler dies. But sometimes, because of weak traits or bad luck, a player’s character and partner will find it hard to have children.

With this in mind, the Like Weeds in a Garden Perk’s +30% fertility boost can be very useful, and having extra children is also helpful when death is always so close. This is the first Perk in the Seducer tree, so it’s easy to get.

Truth Is Relative

crusader-kings-3-truth-is-relative-perk.jpg (1500×750)

The Truth is Relative Perk is one of the most useful in the game. Even players who aren’t interested in Intrigue might want to get it if they can, since it lets them make hooks on specific people. It goes well with the Stewardship Perk Golden Obligations, which lets players then ask for money for the hooks they just made.

For the Find Secrets task for the Spymaster, you can also make hooks if you can’t find any. However, you’ll usually need gold to close the deal, so this Perk works best for those who are interested in both the business and intrigue in CK3.

Dark Insights

crusader-kings-3-dark-insights-perk.jpg (1500×750)

The Dark Insights Perk is easy to get even if players don’t want to fully commit to the Torturer tree and other perks that make ruling through Dread in CK3 easier. When torturing someone, a character with this Perk has a 50% chance to gain 1 Intrigue or 5 Prowess. This can be stacked up to five times for each stat.

You can’t ignore the chance to get 5 Intrigue and Prowess, and that’s on top of the secrets you might find out by hurting people.

Court Of Shadows

crusader-kings-3-court-of-shadows-perk.jpg (1500×750)

The Court of Shadows Perk can help players keep their characters safe if they already have everything they want from them and want them to rule for as long as possible. The +50% buff to the Disrupt Schemes Spymaster task is huge, and if a character has a good Spymaster and a good Intrigue stat, almost none of their enemies’ plans will work.

You can get this Perk second in the Schemer tree, which is probably the best, and then get the Prepared for Anything Perk, which protects you even more from schemes.

Forever Infamous

crusader-kings-3-forever-infamous-perk.png (411×200)

The Forever Infamous Perk is one of the last ones to be unlocked in the Torturer tree, but the -1000% Dread decay makes it more than worth the time, especially for characters who are already on the path of terror. Because the decline rate is going down, once a player has maxed out their Dread, it is almost impossible for them to lose.

With the Tours & Tournaments expansion pack, which is probably the best DLC for Crusader Kings 3, players will also be able to host Murder Feasts, where they can kill one or more of the guests in cold blood.

Fear Tax

crusader-kings-3-fear-tax-perk.jpg (1500×750)

If a player has a high Dread and the Fear Tax Perk from the Torturer tree, they can collect much more tax and fees from scared vassals. In Doodle Baseball, a player’s rule level goes up when they have more gold and a bigger army.

If any vassals are scared, maybe because they have the Craven Trait, the contribution bonus for taxes and fees goes up to a huge +30%, making this one of the best Intrigue Perks in Crusader Kings 3.

Twice Schemed

crusader-kings-3-twice-schemed-perk.jpg (1500×750)

In Crusader Kings 3, hostile schemes are very strong and can be used to move up a lot in rank even without going to war. So, the Twice Schemed Perk is very powerful because it lets you use two hostile plans at once. So, it’s the last Perk in the Schemer tree that needs to be earned before the Schemer Lifestyle Trait can be claimed.

Players will be able to commit two murders at once, which could lead to a new inheritance, or they could make hooks for all of their vassals and enemies and run a den of secrets. Of course, you can do both and more at the same time.

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