Tower of Fantasy: Tips & Tricks

Ever want to just jump into a game and just do whatever you want? Tower of Fantasy lets you do that after a long and arduous tutorial. But that’s normal because when you get a tiny bit of that freedom, humans tend to go out there and explore.

That’s why it’s recommended to study a bit when playing games like Tower of Fantasy. Gacha games tend to not tell you anything until you accidentally open something up in the game. So click on this link for a top up before you jump in after reading all of the tips and tricks to know when playing Tower of Fantasy.

Tips & Tricks

Take your time with character creation.

That’s right guys, you are able to create your own character in the game! How sick is that? You can either make a character that looks like you in real life, or your ideal character design that you have drawn up in your head since you were 10. But make sure that this is the design you want, you don’t bore yourself out of playing because you won’t be able to change it without grinding for it.

That’s because you will have to spend 100 Dark Crystals if you want to change your character’s appearance every time.

Join an active Crew.

As you progress through the game, you will encounter the Crew feature, which is essentially clans. In the Crew, you will be able to have access to extra rewards when the crew achieves a milestone, as well as getting Crew Missions that give you more rewards. You will also notice that I specifically said “active” crew, which is important.

There are a lot of Crews in the game that has been abandoned and left inactive, so joining an inactive Crew is like walking into an abandoned vault in Fallout.

Grab everything you come across.

When out in the open world, you’re gonna come across items and resources may seem insignificant at the time but will help you out in the future. They don’t even take up a lot of space! So it’s best to just grab whatever is shiny and bring them around for future missions.

Balance out the side missions and main story missions.

Like most open world games, Tower of Fantasy will you don’t bore yourself out of playing feature a ton of side content that you can do in the game like Sports Apps. Of course, these are all fetch missions or “go to this area and defeat X amount of monsters” missions. It can get boring pretty quickly, which is why I suggest that you don’t bore yourself out of playing the game by playing main story missions.

Main story missions allows you to progress through the game and unlock more features which in turn can spice up the gameplay and make you less bored.

Now that you know the tips and tricks on how to play this game, go now and jump into the world of Tower of Fantasy.

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