Typical chook populations’ charge of decline slows down – Items Eurostat Information

Birds in the EU are a lot less abundant than a couple decades ago. Since 2000, the quantity of typical birds is approximated to have declined by 10%. 

The occurrence of widespread birds is an indicator of biodiversity due to the fact quite a few of them have to have specific habitats to breed and find meals. These habitats are generally also home to numerous threatened plant and animal species. In individual, the inhabitants of popular farmland birds is in continued decline ( 24% given that 2000). Even so, following several several years of decrease, it appears that the quantities of popular birds have started off to stabilise.

The population of widespread forest birds is even estimated to have enhanced by 3% among 2000 and 2020.


Typical chook populations’ charge of decline slows down – Items Eurostat Information

 Source dataset: env_bio3 (resources: European Hen Census Council (EBCC) countrywide BirdLife organisations Royal Modern society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) Czech Society for Ornithology (CSO))


The key losses in populations of frequent farmland chicken species could be reversed by the Farm to Fork Technique, which seeks a reduction of  50% in the in general use of and danger from chemical pesticides by 2030, and the EU Biodiversity Tactic for 2030, aiming to return at minimum 10% of agricultural land to land beneath substantial-range landscape attributes and enlarge the region less than organic and natural farming so that it accounts for 25% of the EU’s total farmed land by 2030.

These strategies kind aspect of the European Environmentally friendly Deal initiatives, which is a person of the 6 European Commission priorities for 2019 – 24. To understand additional, you can take a search at the Eurostat interactive visualisation instrument which demonstrates statistics pertinent for the European Environmentally friendly Deal. It offers an overview of 26 indicators for the EU, the Member States and EFTA international locations, divided into 3 primary matters: Lessening our weather effect, safeguarding our earth & health and fitness and enabling a environmentally friendly & just changeover.

Explore our interactive visualisation instrument here:

Screenshot: Statistics for the European Green Deal interactive tool


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Methodological notes: 

  • Fowl checking in the EU is performed beneath the umbrella of the PanEuropean Popular Chook Checking Scheme. The plan can help standardize knowledge collection and details evaluation methods throughout nations around the world and produces a few indices of the populations of prevalent birds – the index for all popular birds (168 species), the index for widespread farmland birds (39 species integrated in the index of typical birds) and the index for typical forest birds (34 species integrated in the index of common birds). 
  • 2020: data are estimated. 
  • Malta: information not obtainable. As a consequence, the EU indices are centered on 26 EU Member States.

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