Uncover The Nationwide Fowl of Chile

The nation of Chile has such numerous habitats, from northern Chile the place there are dry deserts which are heat all 12 months round to the southern coast the place winter temps can dip under freezing. As a result of Chile is an extended skinny nation it covers a broad vary of climates. Yow will discover penguins in southern Chile, and llamas, alpacas and flamingos in northern Chile. With such a wide range of wildlife within the nation you may assume it will be arduous to agree on a nationwide animal or nationwide chicken. However once you take a look at the nation’s roots you will notice how Chile selected their nationwide chicken. Learn on to search out out all in regards to the nationwide chicken of Chile.

Who Lives in Chile?  

The Inca’s dominated within the northern a part of Chile and the native Mapuche lived within the southern space. Spain took over within the 1600’s then Chile turned an impartial nation in 1810. The individuals of Chile as we speak are a mixture of early European Settlers that got here to Chile within the late 1800’s in addition to native Chileans. A lot of the inhabitants of Chile, round 40%, stay in and across the capitol of Santiago. Spanish is the official language and soccer/soccer is the most well-liked sport. The inhabitants of Chile is 17,925,262 and is steadily rising.

Uncover The Nationwide Fowl of Chile
Roughly 40% of the inhabitants stay in Santiago, the capital and largest metropolis of Chile.

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What Animals Dwell in Chile?

Animals that stay in Chile are a few of the similar animals that stay in the USA like fox, deer, cougars and otters, however in addition they have some animals which are nation particular or solely present in South America. Huemel are South Andean deer that’s thought of the nationwide animal of Chile, colocolo opossum are a sort of marsupial and guanacos are associated to llamas.  At Torres del Paine Nationwide Park in Patagonia you may see a puma, guanaco or Andean condor. There are additionally wildlife watching journeys you possibly can take to see penguins, dolphins, sea lions and whales.

What’s the Nationwide Fowl of Chile?

The nationwide chicken of Chile is the Andean condor. Selecting the condor dates again to the nation’s Inca roots with the Inca’s believing that the condor represented energy and well being. Some legends urged that the condor was answerable for making the solar rise every morning. The Andean condor is a revered chicken by the individuals of Chile and is prominently displayed on the international locations coat of arms together with the nationwide animal the South Andean deer (additionally known as the huemel).

The Andean Condor is the national bird of Chile
The Andean Condor is the nationwide chicken of Chile.

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What’s an Andean Condor?

The Andean condor (Vultur gryphus) is a big black raptor that has a wingspan of greater than 10 ft! These cliff dwelling scavengers can coast on air currents with out having to flap their wings for excellent distances. Their heads are bald with only a few feathers if any they usually have sharp curved beaks. A hoop of white fluffy feathers is round their neck with a patch of black feathers on their chest. When they’re in flight you possibly can see white patches on the again of their wing feathers. The males have a novel fleshy strip on the highest of their beak that is named a caruncle. When you think about how giant these birds actually are you may need a greater concept why they’re so revered and why they have been chosen because the nationwide chicken.

Andean condors are bald with sharp curved beaks
Andean condors are bald with sharp curved beaks, a hoop of white fluffy feathers round their neck and a patch of black feathers on their chest.


How Large are Andean Condors?

Some think about the Andean condor to be the biggest chicken that may fly. They’re bigger than a bald eagle and may get to be 4 ft tall standing up. Take into consideration a conventional kitchen counter, the usual kitchen counter is 3 ft excessive, an Andean Condor can get to be a couple of foot taller than that! They’re additionally a few of the heaviest birds which are able to flight. The heaviest ones can attain 30-33 kilos. Bald eagles compared are round 12-14 kilos and may get to be 2 ½ to three ft tall. The spectacular wing span of the Andean Condor is one other function that makes them fairly majestic. Their wing span can attain 10 ½ ft huge from tip to tip.

Largest Birds of Prey - Andean Condor
The Andean condor (Vultur gryphus) is a big black raptor that has a wingspan of greater than 10 ft!


The place do Andean Condors Dwell?

Andean condors stay alongside the Andes Mountains in addition to alongside the Pacific Coast. As scavengers they eat the lifeless carcasses of animals together with giant animals like deer and guanaco. Alongside the coast they eat the carcasses of marine animals that wash up on shore. Apart from Chile you will discover Andean condors in Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. The most important inhabitants of Andean condors in Chile stay in northwest Patagonia and the Patagonia Nationwide Park.

Andean condor flying across mountains in Patagonia, Chile
The most important inhabitants of Andean condors in Chile stay in northwest Patagonia.

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Who’s the Cartoon Character Condorito?

Condorito is a well-liked sketch and comedian e book character in Chile and South America primarily based on the Andean condor. His antics have been admired through the years and he has a day by day sketch. He lives within the city of Pelotillehue which is modeled after a typical small city in Chile. Mockingly the condor has a pet canine, named Washington that accompanies him in most of the antics he leads to. In San Miguel, one of many neighborhoods of Santiago, there’s a giant statue of Condorito and Washington.

Condorito the cartoon based on the Andean condor
Condorito is a well-liked sketch and comedian e book character in Chile primarily based on the Andean condor.

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Are Andean Condors Endangered?

Andean condors should not endangered however they’re listed as “susceptible” by the IUCN. The largest threats are habitat loss and poisoning from scavenging animals like mountain lions and foxes which were killed illegally utilizing lead poison by hunters. One of many points for the species is they’re sluggish breeders, they solely have one chick each different 12 months. They mate for all times and each companions guard the nest. Andean condors stay a very long time too, with a life span of fifty+ years. Conservational efforts are in place to make sure the regal Andean Condor of Chile will attain wholesome inhabitants ranges because the treasured nationwide chicken.

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