What is Vyvanse?

If you suffer from Attention hyperactivity deficit disorder (ADHD) or an eating disorder, your physician might prescribe Vyvanse for you.

Vyvanse is a prescription medication that is used to treat the following ailments:

ADHD in adults and a few children

BED can range from moderately severe to severely (BED) for adults

Vyvanse isn’t authorized to treat weight gain or treat obesity. Utilizing similar medications for these reasons has resulted in grave heart problems.To know the more details on ADHD, BED, and the ways in which Vyvanse is employed for treating them read below the “What is Vyvanse used for?” section below.

Vyvanse basic

Vyvanse is available as capsules and chewable tablets. It is taken either by the mouth.

Vyvanse has the active drug Lisdexamfetamine. It’s a kind of stimulant drug, amphetamine. Vyvanse isn’t offered in a generic version.

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What are the effects of Vyvanse?

Like many medications, Vyvanse could cause serious or mild adverse reactions. The following lists provide a brief description of some of the most frequent adverse effects Vyvanse can cause. These lists do not cover all possible adverse reactions.

Be aware that the side effects of drugs may be influenced by:

Your age

Other health conditions that you suffer from

Other medicines you are taking

the condition that you’re taking the medication to treat

Your doctor or pharmacist will explain more about possible adverse effects of Vyvanse. They may also recommend ways to reduce the effects of Vyvanse.

Mild adverse effects

Here’s a brief listing of some of the slight side effects Vyvanse may cause. For more information on other side effects that are mild consult your physician and pharmacist. You can also consult Vyvanse’s medication guidelines.

The mild side effects of Vyvanse which have been identified include:


abdominal painfulness



dry mouth

Feeling jittery (tense anxious, nervous, or not able to calm)


insomnia (trouble sleeping or not being able to sleep)

Loss of appetite or reduced appetite

nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting

“Vyvanse crash” (feeling irritable or fatigued because the effects of the drug take effect in your body)

weight loss*

influences on personality

The mild side effects that are common to many medicines may disappear within several days or few weeks. If they do become uncomfortable discuss the issue with your doctor or pharmacist.

* For more information about the side effects, please refer to this section “Side effect focus” section below.

Serious side effects

A number of serious side effects resulting from Vyvanse may occur, but they’re not very uncommon. If you experience severe side effects due to Vyvanse contact your physician immediately. If you suspect that you’re suffering from an emergency medical situation, dial 911 or your emergency number.

Some of the serious side effects of Vyvanse which have been reported include:

heart conditions heart problems, which can be rare, like:

high blood pressure

Heart rate increases

heart attack


sudden cardiac death

mental health disorders like the mania (periods of intense excitement and arousal) or psychosis

issues related to blood flow in your toes and fingers like Raynaud’s condition.

serotonin syndrome (a condition that is caused by the high amounts of a substance dubbed serotonin within your body)

slows growth in children who are taking the medication. It also slowed growth in children who were taking the

Boxed warning: danger of misuse and dependence,* which could lead to suicidal thoughts or behavior

allergic reactionallergic reaction

* For more information about the side effects, refer to this section “Side effect focus” section below.

If you believe that someone is in immediate danger of self-harming or harming someone else:

You can dial 911 or the area emergency contact number.

Keep the person in your care until assistance arrives.

Take away any knives, guns or medications. Also, remove any other things that might be harmful.

Be attentive and do not judge, argue or threaten to yell.

You or somebody you are aware of are considering suicide, seek help from an emergency or suicide hotline. Try the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.

Side effect focus

Find out more about the potential side effects that Vyvanse could cause.

Boxed warning

Vyvanse comes with warnings that are boxed. A warning in the form of a box is a serious warning issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The warnings in the box of Vyvanse are described below.

The risk of dependence and misuse. Utilizing Vyvanse could lead to physical dependence and addiction. In the case of dependence your body will require the drug to feel the way the way you normally feel. When a substance is misused, it is taken in a manner different from the way it’s prescribed. In the case of misuse, it could lead to addiction where a drug is used even when it’s causing harm.

Dependence and misuse were not reported as side effects in research studies of Vyvanse. However, amphetamines (the category of drugs that Vyvanse is a part of) are a known risk factor for the highest chance of dependence and abuse.

Here are some signs that could occur in the event that buy vyvanse online is used in a way that isn’t safe:

Breathing is suffocating

high blood pressure

aggressive or violent or aggressive

Heart rate increases

insomnia (trouble sleeping or not being able to sleep)

The sweating is more intense than normal

the thoughts of harming you or others

What can help?

If you’re worried about the risk of dependence or abuse of Vyvanse consult your physician. They’ll evaluate your risk prior to prescribing the medication. They’ll check your risk throughout the treatment process with Vyvanse.

Inform your doctor immediately If you notice any signs of Vyvanse abuse. They could reduce the Vyvanse dosage or determine the necessity to take the medication.

Weight loss

It is possible to experience weight loss while taking Vyvanse. It was a typical result of studies on the medication.

There are people who experience an appetite loss or a decrease in appetite after taking Vyvanse. These adverse effects can cause weight loss.

What can help?

If you’re worried about losing weight while taking Vyvanse discuss it with your physician. They’ll be able to suggest healthy ways to improve your appetite and reduce your weight.

Notice: Vyvanse can result in weight gain as an unwanted side result. However, the drug isn’t authorized for use in weight loss or to treat obesity. Using similar medications to treat these conditions has led to severe heart issues.

Personality traits and their effects

There may be changes to your personality when you’re taking Vyvanse. This is a frequent result of studies on the drug, specifically for children. *

Vyvanse can cause changes in your thoughts or behavior. For instance, Vyvanse can cause:


emotional breakdown, like the difficulty in controlling your emotions


mood shifts

* Vyvanse is used to treat ADHD. (ADHD) in children. For more details, check out below the “What is Vyvanse used for?” section below.

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